When I Was a Boy

Ah, the sweet memories of boyhood—playing kerb ball and muck ball and getting your first color TV.

Why This Dad Hates Participation Trophies

When we reward everyone, no one learns.

Soccer Runs in the Family and the Field for Fabian Chaparro of Maroneck

“I don’t put my head down until the last whistle blows.”

When a Soccer Ball Starts to Burn…

This man’s soccer skills are impressive.

Thanks Coach – for Teaching Me it’s OK to be an Outsider

I learned that being different can be normal.

Call for Submissions: Thank you Coach!

How did your coach influence your life?

The Trafficking of Young Adults and an International Game Called Football

Whatever the solution, transfer bans aren’t it.

Arab in Alabama

An Arab-American’s Take on Peace, Freedom, Sweet Tea and living in the South.

What the Next FIFA President Could do to Tackle Child Trafficking in Football

One of the biggest human rights issues in sports is now a talking point for FIFA presidential hopeful.

More Sex During South Africa’s World Cup Meant More Boys Nine Months on

Sex and Soccer. They effect each other more than you’d think.

Life is a Game of Inches: Lessons From a 5-Year-Old Soccer Player

The ball’s right in front of you, but the goal is far away. You could kick it as hard and fast as you can, but the chance you’ll hit your target is slim. Tyler Tervooren shows us the importance of patience and carefully crafted skills in life.

The US Won the World Cup—Not the Women’s World Cup

Aaron Duncan on breaking the default to the masculine in sports.

The US Women’s World Cup Champs Are Not An Inspiration to Women

Since the Americans took home the crown at the Women’s World Cup in Canada, there have been a steady mantra of how inspirational the US team are for young girls. They are much more than that.

A Red Card In The Name of Equality

Once again, the eyes of the world have turned to the sport of soccer. As Japan and America fight in the World Cup Final on July 5th, we see signs of progress and back steps in this edition of the Friday Sports Dump.

US Soccer’s Dads

As the US Women’s National Team attempts to win its third World Cup, a trio of dads do their part to help the US’s Soccer Moms chase their dreams.

Sports Explained: The Women’s World Cup

From M&Ms to Michael Jordan, GMP’s Sports Explained series slide tackles, the Women’s World Cup.