Is Bubble Football the Greatest (and Funniest) Game Ever?

Bubble football

I’m not a soccer fan, but I’d play this in a heartbeat.

Irish Footballer Thanks ‘Girlfriends, Boyfriends’ of Teammates in Front of Packed Crowd

ger brennan

This is our kind of ally.

This 14-Year-Old Boy’s Mission Is To Help Kids Everywhere Play The Game Of Soccer (Video)


An American teenager wants to change the world with his two passions, soccer and giving.

Adorable South-African Kid and Brazilian Soccer Superstar Neymar Share a Moment of Touching Friendship (Video)

Neymar South African Child share some love

This little boy ran onto the soccer field to meet his favorite players. Little did he know his act would be cause for celebration.

After My Kid Learned To Walk, I Got Him a Wiffle Ball Bat. What Happened Next WILL BLOW YOUR MIND (A Satire)

whiffle ball kid

Michael Kasdan riffs on this week’s story about college sports teams recruiting eighth graders with this home-spun satire. Since when is potty-training a prerequisite for getting a scholarship commitment from Florida State anyway?

How PhysEd Destroyed My Confidence—And How I Got It Back Again


The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand promotes physical fitness through its BE ACTIVE campaign: Do what you can, enjoy what you do, be active and move your mood.

FIFA’s Dark Side


As the international football organization prepares for the World Cup in Brazil next year, riots in that country and reports of conditions amounting to modern-day slavery for the workers helping Qatar prepare for the 2022 World Cup lead Ged Naughton to wonder about FIFA’s business model.

Dead Men Can’t Cheer


The 2022 World Cup dead body count begins.


photo by tc57

For some people, being uncompetitive at competitive sports runs in the family.

Soccer and MMA: America’s Sports


Among the stories dominating sports’ summer landscape , there are some you may have missed. Liam Day discusses the subtle, but important shifts taking place.

The New Thinking Man’s Game


After watching the UEFA Women’s EURO Soccer Championships, Ged Naughton is convinced the women’s game is a better sport to watch than the men’s. Too bad men are programmed to think otherwise.

Crisis in Brazil, A Name Crisis That Is


As Brazil once again ascends to the pinnacle of the football world with players named Jo and Oscar, Ged Naughton remembers the great names of Brazilian football past.

Life Lessons From the Pitch

Halftime with the coach

Ged Naughton examines how African community leaders teach discipline through soccer.

Champions League Preview: Bayern Munich v. Borussia Dortmund

Arjen Robben

This weekend’s European Champions League final is the first all-German one in the tournament’s storied history. Rick Sargent offers a quick preview.

Do Men Prefer Feminism, Football or Fight Club?

Fighting and Feminism Pic

f we want men to talk about men’s issues then we have to stop dressing them up in feminist clothing says Glen Poole, our international men’s movement editor

One Shot Away from Combustion: A Family of Angry Men

photo by olliethebastard

David Stanley sees four generations of angry men in his family. Will they be able to control their tempers, or will the tempers control them?