Keeping Your Head Above Water: Solitude

A Romanian social activist recommends giving yourself solitude to protect your strength and values.

WOW: You Have to See This Time-Lapse Video of #MillionsMarchNYC

This is what America looks like. This is how America changes. This is how we grow.

The Sports Revolution Is Being Televised: Modern Athletes and Social and Political Activism

Wai Sallas takes a historical look at athletes as activists, with today’s NBA and NFL stars taking a big step forward in the progress for what’s right and equal.

Spread The Message

Three minutes that will change the way you think. Then you will want to spread the message.

Can Your Worldview Hold Respect and Love for All Humanity?

Galen Fous MTP Explores The Divisive Dehumanizing Shadow of Religious and Political Ideologies versus your Personal Humanity

We Can’t Make This Sexy, But You Should Listen Anyway

Michael Amity was moved by the unusual delivery of this message.

Slipping Through the Cracks in the European Union

What do you think of the European Union? Does it make you think of abject poverty and desperate living?

Social Justice and Men

Social Justice Editor Wilhelm Cortez and Dr. Vibe have a chat about social activism and how men can make a better world.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?

Self punishment, oppression, and the imbalance of man and nature. Do I love or hate myself. Is my enemy my friend because he hates me?

Food Forest for Social Growth

The Beacon Food Forest in Seattle is a model for comprehensive social growth and betterment.

RIP Pete Seeger – Folk Hero, American Icon, and Legendary Social Activist.

Before there was Bob Dylan, before there was Edward Snowden – there was Pete Seeger.