Smoothing Out Awkward

An awkward dating blogger shows other awkward guys how not to be, awkward.

What if the ‘Nice Guys of OK Cupid’ is Harming Innocent People?

Joanna Schroeder has known a lot of Nice Guys™ and understands the frustration and fear women feel as a result, but believes the bullying and humiliation happening on Nice Guys of OK Cupid is out of line.

The First Meditation on Social Awkwardness

(Hat tip to Misha and Doug S. I assume the coincidence of two people sending this to me means that there is a vast outcry for me to write about it. Never let it be said I ignore the wishes of my slavering fanbase.) Recently, Yvain wrote a series on privilege and creepiness and social justice […]

A Guide to Terrible First Dates

Looking to have an enjoyable first date? Then go out of your way to NOT do anything that Oliver Lee Bateman recommends in this article.

What If They Really, Really Don’t Like Me?

Marcus Williams knows what it’s like to hide from fear. Now he’s trying something different.