Will It Ever Be Possible To Eliminate Racism In Soccer?


It’s right in front of us on an international level. When is enough, enough?

The Darker Side of Ambition


John Havens grapples with the remnants of his childhood bullying: an unrelenting and damaging “I’ll show you” ambition.

I Refuse To Be One Of “The Good Men”


Charlie Glickman explains why assuming the position of “not like other guys” creates more problems than good.

He Was a Victim of the R Word


We don’t like to speak of the R word, yet its impact is undeniable.

The Institute for Compassionate Leadership

Alex Okrent

Lodro Rinzler recalls his friend Alex Okrent, and how his life inspired the creation of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership

The Homeless are Human


Nannatte Ricaforte reminds us that “Homelessness might rob one of his dignities but humanity perseveres in all.”

“We already have ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.’ Why not extend that to sex?”


How does fatal drunk driving compare socially to the things that happened in Steubenville? If campaigns against drunk driving don’t work, how do you design a consensual sex campaign? What effective messages have you seen that could apply?

Male Nudity in Public

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 2.42.01 PM

Jamie Utt realizes that it’s time to put some pants on.