#74: Teen Cellist Shares Love of Music with At-Risk Youth in Costa Rica Schools


This talented teen proves that music has the power to cross geographic boundaries and to empower young people.

I Am a Stigma Fighter


Despite escaping with my life while thousands of others died on the island, it wasn’t the first wave, or the second wave of the Asian Tsunami, that came closest to killing me.

Men Without Qualities: Plagiarists


Good men don’t hide from their mistakes, or sweep them under the rug. Good men face up to their mistakes and learn from them.

Police Officers or Peace Officers?: The Limitations of Traditional Masculinity for Law Enforcement

smiling cops steve baker flirck 8366235508_ca715ab382_z

Retired Police Officer and current Clinical Psychologist Ive Eicken describes how old notions of masculinity may prevent police officers from being peace officers. Most of us depend on law enforcement officers to keep us safe. We call the police when something has already gone very wrong. We want the officer who shows up to be […]

#72: Men Bike Cross-Country to End Sex Trafficking


These three men are biking across the U.S. to help stop human trafficking.

#71: Mission to Deworm All of Haiti’s Children

Aaron Jackson, Founder of Planting for Peace and Deworm Haiti

Aaron Jackson is on a mission to save every child in Haiti from starvation and malnutrition caused by worms living in their intestines.

America Is A Prison State — But Not For The Reason Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think


The Jade Helm controversy illustrates the racist double standard when it comes to communities of color.

The Hypocrisy of “Pro-Life” and the GOP


The GOP conducts itself as a party that stands for life until birth. Then, one is left to fend for oneself.

#70: California Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Woman Sleeping on the Street


Elvis Summers saw a woman sleeping on the street and knew he had to do something.

Will the Real Leaders Please Stand-Up?


What we really need are leaders (regardless of political affiliation) who care.

The Transformation of a Warrior Behind Bars


Anthony Johnson, nonviolence trainer, on life in — and after — prison: “I’m sick of seeing people die. I’m tired of losing loved ones. I don’t want to die on the streets.”

To the White Anti-Racists Who are Nervous About Stepping Up Against Racism

Baltimore Curfew

Chris Crass implores white anti-racism activists around the country to step away from their fear and start making change.

#69: Your Chance to Be an Act of Goodness and Save Someone’s Life


Bill Jacobsen is renowned for his conflict resolution work. But today, he’s fighting for his life, and you might be able to help.

Letters to Prisoners — What I Learned from Being a Pen Pal

prison fence

While people behind bars might have lost their freedom, they still have the right to feel that someone cares about them — even a complete stranger.

The Problem with Wanting ‘Peace’ in Baltimore


The Baltimore protests are actually a cry for peace — the positive peace that only comes about through justice.

PTSD – Despite the Pain, There Is Still Hope


After surviving the devastating 2004 tsunami, Sam de Silva says, “Despite the pain, there is still hope.”