There are no Borders with Cancer: Nor Should There be with Research

February 4 is World Cancer Day – a day that will sadly have meaning for almost everyone.

We Should Talk about Paternal Bonding

Fathers need to be bond with their babies and that means becoming very physically involved at the earliest opportunity.

How Movies Move You: The Power of a Story

Spotlight illuminates the unique power of journalism to expose societal scandals.

It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child: Sexual Abuse and Healing

Healing from sexual abuse is very much like healing from any kind of trauma or abuse; it happens one day at a time.

My 7 Reasons for Supporting Gay Marriage

Seven men, seven ex lovers, each of them a reason for her to support marriage equality, and love.

Take Action: You vs. Climate Change

How you can play a part in tackling climate change – long after the Paris hype is over.

What Wealth Creation, Social Change, and Mad Genius Have in Common

We’re entering the most cataclysmic decade in human history. 5 things you must do to get ready.

America’s History of Discrimination: A Tutorial for Nikki Haley

Governor Nikki Haley mistakenly assumed that America does not have a history of racist policy. Warren Blumenfeld wants to set the record straight.

How to Change the World

Embed from Getty Images Dr. King wasn’t “just” a pastor, and Ghandi wasn’t “just” a lawyer. You’re never “just” a person, unless you decide that’s all you care to be. — Sometimes I watch the news, or on a rare occasion I pick up a newspaper, and it seems as if our world is falling apart. […]

When I Was a Racist

One man shares how a Facebook conversation changed his life.

The Words of MLK – What Most of Us Forget About Greatness

Dr. King said everyone can be great, because everyone can serve. But he also set requirements for that service which are often overlooked.

Why ‘Whatever Will Be Will Be’ is a Sure Plan for Failure

There may be no way to guarantee success, but there sure is way to guarantee the lack of it.

Two Words as Boundaries for Human Sexuality: Consenting Adults

Why do we feel the need to pass judgement on certain types of consensual sex between adults?

Why Transgender Students Need “Safe” Bathrooms

Bathroom safety has become the next battle for transgender students on college campuses across the nation.

Representing Racist History: A Village Seal & Sports’ Mascots

Does this image offend you? Well for one community, it’s up for debate.

Are We Raising Our Boys to Fit in the Man-Box?

They were just three American men on a train until the unthinkable happened.