#66: Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, Earth Guardian


A teen activist says young people need to lead the fight for climate change. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

The Hidden Reason for Poverty the World Needs to Address Now (Gary Haugen, TED Talk)


“Traditional experts on poverty don’t know how to fix this problem. So they don’t talk about it.”

#64: John Legend Launches #FreeAmerica to End Mass Incarceration

John Legend launches Free America campaign.

John Legend announced this week he’s starting a multi-year campaign to end mass incarceration.

Land of the Free Because of the Brave: Life After War


For our veterans, life after war requires assimilation into a culture that understands very little about them and their service.

#63: Homeless Man Saves Woman from Rape

Ketrell Ferguson

A homeless man is being honored for heroically stopping the rape of a woman in Washington, D.C.

You Were Raped? Prove It.


Let’s understand — and help other people understand — that this is our problem, everyone’s problem, not just the problem of a few.

Progressive Social Movements Spurred Holocaust Consciousness by Helping Survivors Tell Their Stories

holocaust survivors

April 15 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. But how did we come to commemorate the genocide of European Jewry in this way when survivors could barely speak of the horrors they endured?

This is What It’s Like to Lose Your Home to Gentrification

gentrification BuzzFeed video

“Our family was renting it for $800, it got sold for $1.3 million, or something like that.” What followed? Eviction.

Don’t Let Them Pull the Advertisement Over Your Eyes

Blindfolded Leafleter

Travis Eneix muses on the “magic” tricks the 1% use to keep the 99% in line.

Can Walmart Become an Agent for Social Change?


Can a shift in culture remake Walmart as an agent for social change?

#60: Clint Smith, The Danger of Silence (TED Talk Video)

Clint Smith, "The Danger of Silence"

Every day, all around us, we see the consequences of silence manifest themselves in the form of discrimination, violence, genocide and war.

Dear White Racists: Apology NOT Accepted


There is a formula when it comes to apologizing for racist events. This time it’s not enough.

#59: Students Build Mobile Laundry Van for Homeless People


When you don’t have a roof over your head, washing clothes can become a luxury — “a privilege so many of us take for granted.” But these two men are changing that.

4 Alternate Questions for Passover

4 Alternate by Israel Photo Gallery

Thomas Fiffer breaks with tradition to offer four new questions for the Passover seder.

3 Feelings We Need to Embrace More if We Want to Change the World

3 Feelings by Thomas Fiffer

Patrick Sallee looks at where we need to improve ourselves if we want to make a difference.

Loving White People Won’t Fix Racism

gmp unlearn racism

There’s a new prescription for healing racism. It boils down to this:
Let Black people do the work.