It’s Complicated: Me & My Country

statue of Liberty

Freedom’s voice will find a way to speak. What will history say about how we chose to use it?

Learning to Resist — Four Methods to Regain Your Social Center


Emily Marciel reflects on finding peace in a trending world.

A Quote Collector’s Thoughts on Economic Conservatism

Quotation Marks

Matthew Rozsa loves quotes. And he disagrees with economic conservatives. Here’s where he’s going with that.

Women and People of Color Soon on U.S. Paper Currency?


Does putting a woman on the $20-bill represent actual change? Or does it mask systemic sexism and racism?

One American’s Immigration History Coincides with Many of the Issues that Cause Such an Uproar Today


Rich Monetti shares his family’s powerful story of immigration and survival.

Marriage Equality Is But One Paving Stone on Path toward Social Justice


Yes, the Supreme Court’s decision was historic, but we — as a nation — have much farther to go on the path to social justice.

While We’re at It — 5 Steps Toward Disability Equality

disability equal rights

Having a law in place is only the first step in any kind of equality, it’s up to us to keep making progress.

The Inevitable Fate of Zealots—How to Live Without Control


Marriage has always belonged to the people, which is why it was returned. It was always going to find its way back.

The Atlantic Monthly’s Defense of Disney’s Pocahontas is Indefensible


Native Americans often have to contend with depictions of themselves that serve others needs and desires. Debbie Reese responds to The Atlantic Monthly’s latest defense of that practice.

The World Is at Stake: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Internet Activism, and Reverberations in the Hyperbolic Chamber


Saumya Arya Haas says outrage over the limited and problematic portrayal of women and minorities in literature is well deserved.

In-Between “Racialized” Category of European-Heritage Jews


Warren Blumenfeld explains why race is a continuum — not a simple line with “white” on one side and “people of color” on the oth

Rising to the Challenges of Our Time: White Racial Justice Organizing in Denver in Black Lives Matter Movement Times

Rally for transit justice for working class communities (courtesy of Zoë Williams)

Chris Crass speaks with Zoë Williams, who believes in the power of grassroots efforts to create meaningful change.

What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm

cultural appropriation is racism

Maisha Z. Johnson explains how, even when you have the best of intentions, you may be doing something racist and harming others.

#81: Former Gambler and Businessman Creates Nature Preserve in Florida


A Florida man has spent $90 million of his personal wealth to create a nature preserve and protect threatened species of animals.

The Charleston Shooter and the History of True Believers

Confederate Flag

Matthew Rozsa explains how terrorists justify their horrific actions and what we need to do to stop them.

When You Need to Have Difficult Discussions at Work


In the wake of Charleston, TJ Trent says we don’t have to avoid difficult discussions at work.