Inspiration Unpacked: What Good Can Good Men Do?

depressed punk kid

From correcting kids bent on a good time, to hugging the victim of a violent crime, there are a lot of little things we can do.

“Hey Guys” – Dads, Let’s Talk About Male-Dominant Language

girl with airplane

Ariel Chesler was raised in a feminist house, but somehow he still finds himself defaulting to male-dominant language with his daughters. Why?

May We #ReclaimMLK With Mindfulness


An overlooked variable of Martin Luther King Jr.’s success was his unique ability to mindfully use his strong emotions rather than be used by them.

Speaking for a Group Identity: A How-Not-To


Sam Killermann has advice on how to respond when asked to speak on behalf of all _______ people.

The Best of Social Justice 2014


Justice and rights have been unavoidable topics in 2014. Here is a sample of unique opinions that GMP Social Justice is known for.

Humanizing Homelessness: “My Father Isn’t An Issue, He’s A Human Being”


Diana has a unique perspective. She grew up watching her father live without a roof over his head.

Inspiration Unpacked – How to Have Important Conversations

men talking

Is it not only to our benefit to know how to discuss important issues, but also, our responsibility? Chris HIcke says yes.

Libidos, Assumptions, and Miscommunication


The way we talk about sex is based on some very dubious assumptions, starting with the idea that “normal” is a thing.

Does Spanking Hurt Children? Our Writers Speak Out


It’s long been accepted as normal, even necessary, but research indicates it is ineffective and possibly damaging. What is your opinion on spanking?

The Conversation About Sexual Assault is Missing the Mark

kids with dolls

From UVA to the White House, James Lorello says when it comes to sexual assault we’re not getting to the root of the issue.

Why Grand Juries Don’t Indict Cops When They Kill

Why Grand Juries by BuzzFeed

Sometimes it takes a visual to explain truths the mind can’t accept.

“Where, oh, Where Can All the Men Be?” Challenges in Men’s Advancement of Social Change


Where are all of the straight, white, cis-gendered men who should be standing up for social change?

A Pig-Headed Boy – The Story of a Refugee


According to the United Nations, there are 67 million refugees in the world today and more than 30,000 people fleeing North Africa to escape the revolutions in those countries. Here is one bright story of hope.

Does This Little Girl Have the Right to Survive?


Born with a rare disease, her parents’ struggle to get help is a stark contrast to what Hilary Lauren believes should be the basic right to survive.

Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Raped. Will Anyone Listen?

broken by taylor mcbride 6800756664_78f03c383f_o

Andrew Smiler discusses ways in which male stereotypes make it hard to care that LaBeouf was raped.

5 Steps to Begin Building a Heroic Culture


Hero Construction Company’s Adam Hartley investigates how we can all strive to be more heroic in our daily lives.