Comment of the Day: ‘You are NOT free to force others to live the same way as you’

We have a right to our own beliefs. Quit imposing yours on others!

How Much Will You Risk to Stand Up for What You Believe in?

While big name celebrities get all the focus, lesser known celebrities like Greg Cope White are risking a lot more by taking the the same stand.

A Female Mathematician Walks Into A Bar

Guilty – I find math jokes hilarious. When they are in fact jokes about math…

They Deserved So Much Better: Sexuality & Service Members in the 20th Century

As MI5 is voted Britain’s most “gay-friendly” employer, many are reflecting on Alan Turing and the many other service members persecuted for their sexuality.

Why Corporate Philanthropy Is The 21st Century Standard

Social good. In this era, it is more important than ever.

What Gives You the Right to Discriminate?

Does the First Amendment really protect religious freedom laws?

Being a Social Justice Warrior: Understanding Toxic Masculinity

What is “toxic masculinity” and who is it really hurting?

Sweeps in San Francisco Aim to Force the Homeless Out

Where are people with no place to go … supposed to go?

Why Institutional Racism Deserves Your Discomfort

Many white folks don’t understand the definition of institutional or systemic racism, and that’s got to change.

How Can We Trust You?

As black men in America, how can we place any trust in the police?

Comment of the Day: ‘Defend free speech – don’t act like we’re all equals when we partake in it’

Until we are all treated as equals, free speech won’t be a reality.

‘We Want Men to Feel Comfortable Getting to Know What’s Normal for Your Nuts’

Movember Radio Episode 36: Sam Gledhill

Why Are Some Men Racist?

Steve Nazarian shares three snapshots he has encountered and seeks conversations and solutions to his question.

The Forgotten 5%

Why we need to continue to support research and support for men with testicular cancer.

What Was Really Behind North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bill

Governor Pat McCrory’s “Charlotte Bathroom Bill” exploits fear and bigotry in attempt to retain power.

Start by Believing

What harm is the expectation that men aren’t vulnerable doing?