Why It’s Tough Being a Man

What happens when you have a fear of expressing emotions, and hide your embarrassment and shame?

If I Told You…

…There is help for you today and hope for a better life and future.

Why it is Crucial to Locate the ‘African’ in African Studies

Can we develop the study of Africa so that it is more respectful toward the lives and struggles of African people and to their agendas?

Orlando: Tell the Story Right

No matter how politicians and pundits spin things, Pulse was a gay bar on Latin night.

How Men Can Be Active In the Conversation on Domestic Violence

Because we all fail the victims when we don’t speak up.

I’m Proud to be a Turbaned Man

The Sikh turban is steeped in symbolism but its wearers have also been a target of racism.

Religious Dogma, Heterosexism, and Cissexism

Though certain religious denominations may continue in their attempts to define us, they will fail.

Comment of the Day: ‘I wish I could take away your pain’

Sometimes, we don’t know the right words to say.

An Interview with Tim Matsui on Sex Trafficking in the United States

STAND corresponded with Matsui about his film and his efforts to educate and inspire others to take action on the issues related to sexual violence and trafficking.

Get the Message Clear, My Pride will Never Stop Marching

Mardi Gras: The full spectrum of the wonderful LGBTI rainbow on display

Attack of The Stay-At-Home-Dad

Christopher Powers is a proud SAHD. He tells us about his journey here.

Comment of the Day: ‘The people blocking gun control laws are obsessive about the issue’

Change requires a single-issue litmus test.

The Orlando Tragedy and Gun Control: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In the midst of tragedy, you are either going to become a breeder of further hatred and chaos, or a positive voice for change.

Muhammed Ali and Me

Gary Govanus never officially met the Champ, but his encounters from afar left an impression on him.

The Deadly Business of Legitimizing Hate

There are those businesses we love to hate—and then there are those whose business is hate.

When Love Is Shattered by Terror and Hate

Love is a powerful force worth fighting for. The price for it should never be our lives.