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In Praise of Facebook

Good Men Project

Attacking social media is all the rage among the cool kids these days. This involves a great deal of hypocrisy. Studies have shown that many of those who rail against social media use it often.

Checking Your Privilege can and Should be Amazing


“Checking your privilege” will be amazing once we stop calling each other names, judging each other, and deciding who is and who is not allowed to speak and instead focus on self-awareness and social cooperation.

A Man’s Confessions on Social Media and Soul: Where is the Balance?

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Social Media may be ideal for making new connections, but we need to balance it by connecting with our soul.

Don’t Delete That Jerk Off Your Social Media Just Yet


Opposing and abrasive points of view can be annoying, but what can they teach us?

What Ferguson Should’ve Taught Us About Critical Thinking

Police In Riot Gear

As a black man and father, Doyin Richards urges people to think critically before discussing the unrest in Ferguson and other hot-button topics.

The Good Die Young and the Bad Try to Make Money Off It


View image | gettyimages.com “Monsters aren’t born. They are created”…  Good men, are you buying that? ––– I’m so furious right now! I just got off the phone with my UCSB-student daughter, who informed me about a slasher film titled, Del Playa, being promoted for release. A petition with 20,000 signatures so far is being […]

How Social Media Improves Fatherhood

Social media isn’t always pretty, but Doyin Richards thinks it helped to move the conversation forward about what it means to be a dad.

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets–The Bill Nye Film


Watch Bill Nye respond to some of his haters.

Nipples Don’t Kill. So Why Are Violent Images OK, but Breastfeeding Isn’t?


How did we become so hypocritical that violent images are OK, but pictures of mothers breastfeeding their children are outlawed?

For Your Kid’s Sake, Use Technology to Fight Technology

boy in trouble with father

How to use internet filters to protect your children from porn, cyber bullying and online predators.

Connect To Your Family Not Your Phone


Are you using your portable devices or are they using you?

Somewhere Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Mind the Gap

“The gap between writing with hatred and writing with mindfulness and altruism is really wide.” A discussion of the nuances of that gap.

Should Your Partner Know Your Passwords?

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“One of the problems with social networks is that it is getting harder and harder for others to complain about you behind your back.”

Social Media and Your Sons: How to Have That Talk

boys using social media

There are two words you can teach your child to help them make good social media choices.

Filter Less, Live More: 6 Social Media and Technology Rules to Live By


Addicted to social media? Alyssa Piperis shares tips on how to not lose ourselves in the fantasy world of retweets and likes.