Public Shaming and Reality TV Entitlement Are Modern Day Viruses

britt mchenry

Have you seen the Britt McHenry video?

We’ve Traded Board Games For Dating Games And No One’s F*cking Winning


10 dating games that you’ll never see anyone really win.

2 Times Twitter Reminded Me Why I Fight


How I ended up in tears on Twitter twice.

Why I Unfriended My Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband—and All Our Mutual Friends, Too

Why I Unfriended by openDemocracy

Jenny Kanevsky explains the perils of staying connected to your ex and your old, shared life on social media and her choice to cut all ties.

How to Maintain Friendships Through Challenging Times

How to Maintain by wellcast

Holding onto friendships can be hard, especially during transitions, and especially for men. Wellcast a 4-step method for staying bonded.

Stop Being Flaky!


Millennials need to stop being flaky. There is no excuse for this generational habit.

3 Shortcuts to Become a Social Media Catastrophe

become a social media catastrophe

TweetAgramKatErestBook… you don’t want to do that crap anymore. You want to be the anti-viral of the webs. Here you go. 3 #shortcuts to become a social media catastrophe…

How Social Media Improves Fatherhood

Social media isn’t always pretty, but Doyin Richards thinks it helped to move the conversation forward about what it means to be a dad.

Do You Know All That Love is?


Such a simple word, and yet so much behind it.

Be Kind Rewind (Your Comments)


If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that our actions affect others, even if it’s just through text.

5 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Son’s Reputation with Social Media

teen boys

Even before your sons have their own profiles, your online choices make a difference.

How the Digital Age Has Changed Our Approach to Death and Grief

leonard nimoy

The internet and social media has turned a private death into a very public one.

But I’m NOT a Mechanic!


Alexander DeLuca developed self reliance with a failed auto inspection, YouTube videos, and a healthy dose of elbow grease.

A Call for Good Men Project Bloggers and Vloggers

Man on laptop photo by sszdl

If you have interest in how men are changing in the 21st century, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.

What #QuestionsforMen Means to a Good Guy

Questions for Men photo by nalejandro

Mike Cruse has #Answersforwomen: “In order to address sexism, men have to be part of the conversation – not the butt of jokes.”

Why Won’t My Family and Friends Do More to Support My Business?


PK Kersey explores why business owners don’t get the support they feel they deserver from friends and families on social media.