A Genderqueer Polyromantic Bisexual Teen Formerly Known as Miley Cyrus Walked Into My Office


OK OK, she wasn’t Miley Cyrus. But recently several of my teen clients who role-play online have been experimenting with gender, sexual, and romantic orientation.

Rise Up With Mindfulness

rise up

Social media is changing our perception of and participation in society. Sam De Silva poses that social media is a vehicle of personal and social reform.

U.N. Twitter Chat Promotes Climate Action with Young People


How to get younger generations involved in climate action?

A Man Snaps a Selfie, and All Hell Breaks Loose on Facebook

A Man Takes by 757live tech

Naomi Fryers shares words of support for a Melbourne man falsely accused of being a creep and smeared on social media.

Is Social Media Making Us All Unhappy? And What to Do About It


Do we even remember life before everything we do could be recorded online and shared with the world?

Hey Mom, Your Fifteen Year-Old Boy Might be Acting Like an Internet Predator


If you’re waiting until your kids are teens before you talk about gender, sexuality, and personal privacy rights, you are starting too late.

Hey Dad, Your Twelve Year-Old Daughter Has a “Nude Out”

nude out

You’re reading with the hopes that this is one of those bait-and-switch sensational articles, right?

Public Shaming and Reality TV Entitlement Are Modern Day Viruses

britt mchenry

Have you seen the Britt McHenry video?

We’ve Traded Board Games For Dating Games And No One’s F*cking Winning


10 dating games that you’ll never see anyone really win.

2 Times Twitter Reminded Me Why I Fight


How I ended up in tears on Twitter twice.

Why I Unfriended My Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband—and All Our Mutual Friends, Too

Why I Unfriended by openDemocracy

Jenny Kanevsky explains the perils of staying connected to your ex and your old, shared life on social media and her choice to cut all ties.

How to Maintain Friendships Through Challenging Times

How to Maintain by wellcast

Holding onto friendships can be hard, especially during transitions, and especially for men. Wellcast a 4-step method for staying bonded.

Stop Being Flaky!


Millennials need to stop being flaky. There is no excuse for this generational habit.

3 Shortcuts to Become a Social Media Catastrophe

become a social media catastrophe

TweetAgramKatErestBook… you don’t want to do that crap anymore. You want to be the anti-viral of the webs. Here you go. 3 #shortcuts to become a social media catastrophe…

How Social Media Improves Fatherhood

Social media isn’t always pretty, but Doyin Richards thinks it helped to move the conversation forward about what it means to be a dad.

Do You Know All That Love is?


Such a simple word, and yet so much behind it.