A Letter to My Grandchildren Concerning Marijuana and Other Drugs


Jed Diamond shares the real drug problem

An Appalachian Saga: The Lost Boys and Girls


Fly me back to Neverland.

Why Florida Has A Sex Offender Colony

sex offenders colony

The law in the USA takes away the right of registered sex offenders to choose where to live.

Little Hope in Baltimore for the 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s


When people see no hope for a better future the inevitable eruptions should can come as no surprise.

Marriage Equality Not Left to States or “Democratic” Popular Vote


Families come in a variety of packages and marriage is a fluid concept

Reflections from a Masculinity Panel, March 2015


Abdul Staten sat on a panel about how the idea of masculinity is hindering adolescent boys from blossoming into their authentic, non-violent, non-misogynistic, non-abusive selves.

It’s Time to Recalibrate our Definition of Fame


Admit it, you’ve fantasized about being famous.

9 Ways of Raising Issues of Religious Pluralism in the Schools


Can you recognize individuals’ and groups’ freedom of religion as well as freedom FROM religion?

A Century of Anzac – Drowned in Beer, Bogans and Patriotism?


When it comes to war, few issues are as polarising as how we choose to remember the men who fought in them.

13 Ways to Create Safe & Supportive Schools for LGBATQQI People


Throughout the world, on university and grade school campuses, in communities and homes, and in the media, issues of sexual identity and gender identity and expression are increasingly “coming out of the closet.”

My Manifesto of Religious Freedom and Restoration


Thou shalt not invoke the name of your god to oppress others

Do Your Friends Tell Sexist Jokes?


Here’s how to deal with sexist jokes without censoring your friends.

Connect Four To Solve Education


Administrators, teachers, parents, and kids

Dumping Sexist, Heterosexist, & Cissexist Language into Historical Archives


Many words and phrases in the USA promote oppression based on sex, sexuality, and gender identity and expression.

The Key To Getting Along in The Workplace


Yes, you can make friends with the people at work. Even the ones that annoy you the most.

More Than McFarland

Film Review McFarland, USA

Watching McFarland USA forces a high paid SAT tutor to reveal how rigged society is.