Going Beyond Exxon Mobil Corp.’s Non-Discrimination Updates


Can everyone have equal access and equal distribution of rights?

Mr. Selfie Has a Boring Day

mr selfie

… or was his focus too narrow and he missed the parade?

Stepping Outside the Bubble

Wikimedia Commons

Foreign travel done right leaves me a stranger to myself.

Nice Guys Finish First

nice guys

Proof that nice guys actually finish first!

What Feeds Us

what feeds us

City of Vancouver’s sustainable food strategy

The Senseless Sense


Soul and spirit, sense and the senses are there more lines than the shores shifting sands?

Every Civilization Faces a Dark Age

every civiliztion faces dark age

Spencer Pennington doesn’t fear Muslims, he fears Islamophobia.

Am I Demanding Violence?

am i demanding violence

Nonviolent protest has a place, but not in self defense.

Real Men From 1982 [Music Video]

joe jackson real men

Joe Jackson wrote Real Men in 1982. How much have men changed since then?

Living Without Water, Until Surfers Changed His Life


There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all.

Cruel & Tyrannical Christian “Conversion Therapies”


We always fear what we don’t understand. They took their fear too far, and claimed God was on their side.

The Best of Social Justice 2014


Justice and rights have been unavoidable topics in 2014. Here is a sample of unique opinions that GMP Social Justice is known for.

Why Men Need To Start Breaking Their Own Rules

break the rules

Moral Courage Channel and Alfred Blake team up to help you break the rules

There is No Time Out For Liberation Movements

mlk protest meme

Two police officers shot dead, but should the liberation protests stop? Dr. Tee Williams has the answer you don’t want to hear.

How to Stop a Shooting Before it Happens


You start changing and changing and changing and you become something better. Don’t think you can’t do it.

Racism Reproduced in Social Institutions Like Police Departments

dirty sink

Are we all polluted with racism and oppression?