Gains Galore: The Benefit of Weightlifting

Good old-fashioned weightlifting will still be trending when all the fads have come and gone.

Net Worth and The Man Behind the Man

This man who had raised himself on the streets made my heart larger and my life richer.

My Son Loved His First Year of Preschool. The Second? Not So Much.

Aly Windsor wonders when to be the ‘fixer’ and when to leave that to her son.

“Maybe it would be more productive to start going after societal institutions instead of individual men.”

“In the case of cat calling, maybe it’s worth going after institutions before individual men.”

Noble Hierarch is Not a Slut

As big nerds, Charles and I like to do nerdy things. Recently, we’ve managed to infiltrate a dear college friend’s weekly Magic: The Gathering club. This is super good news! I’m the only woman, but I’ve come to expect that. We have a lot of fun, though, so the strangenesses are pretty much excusable. There’s just one […]

“A heck of a lot of attraction is predicated on social factors.”

This comment was from Jonathan G on the post Curves (or Lack of Curves) Don’t Make the Woman

How Do You Picture a Man Who Gets Catcalled?

“Interesting that you’ve chosen a photo of a black man in a hard hat to illustrate this article.”