As the World Turns… On Bernie Sanders

Bernie seems to have worn out his media welcome. Will he still stay in the Democratic race through to the end?

The Most Important School Subject? How About History

Schools should recognize their purpose is not solely to turn out good, little “workers;” their mission is to give young people the knowledge and wisdom to thrive as humans.

The Rights All Men are Entitled to—and the Unicorns Who are Left

This week, Joe Medler creates his own ‘Bern’ defending the greatest social constructs and the ideas behind them.

Tuition in Wonderland: Higher Education Funding in Europe and the United States

When Kurt Ellenberger first arrived in Austria to study European jazz, he was impressed with socialized education; upon further inspection, Ellenberger finds some reason for skepticism.

10 Reasons No One Really Believes in the Song ‘Imagine’

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not.

The Elections and Demands of Dispossessed

Are we ready for Socialism?

A Quote Collector’s Thoughts on Economic Conservatism

Matthew Rozsa loves quotes. And he disagrees with economic conservatives. Here’s where he’s going with that.

Dear Rudy Giuliani Re: Characterization of Obama

Warren Blumenfeld calls out Rudy Giuliani on his recent statements about President Obama.

I Am a Proud Socialist and Maybe You are Too

Socialism has a bad reputation, but this proud socialist wants all the things you do to.

“Using the word “freedom” is always much less controversial in America that using the word “equality.”

This comment by wellokaythen on the post Three Martin Luther King Quotes You Probably Won’t Hear Today

Uruguay’s President Drives An ’87 Beetle and Donates His Paycheck To Charity. Could He Save The International Left?

  Jose Mujica has gone viral for his humble lifestyle and liberal reforms. Paul Blest on what the Uruguayan president’s popularity means for global leftists.  —– President Jose Mujica is not your typical head of state. First off, Uruguay’s president is old – 78, to be exact, one year younger than Ronald Reagan when he left office. […]

Three Martin Luther King Quotes You Probably Won’t Hear Today

The truths he spoke as a living man don’t necessarily match the narrative that’s been fitted onto him as a dead icon.

Economic Disparity: When Is Enough, Enough?

Professor Warren Blumenfeld believes we aren’t challenging inequity nearly enough. Here’s his call for us to do so.

“Tea Party” Pollutes Body Politic

What’s in a name? When it comes to the “Tea Party,” a distortion of history.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The Slut Walk for Men

Donald D’Haene brings us the origin of the word “slut,” as well as his support of the White Ribbon Campaign raising awareness of violence against women.

Eat the Rich

Both the rich-defenders and the rich-haters are right in their own way, given what they’re focused on.