Our Disservice To Men: A Feminist’s Reflections On the Field Of Psychology

Sarah Suzuki on how psychology and feminism need to work together to understand both men and women.

“Please, Professor,” Give Me a B

A professor’s funny song from the 1970s anticipates the problem of young men not doing their best in college.

Real Men Like to Poke, A Twitter Confrontation About Changing Men and Boys

Allan Shore and Erick Martinez try to discuss “boys will be boys” with Chad Miller on Twitter. Turns out, the conversation was too long for 140 characters.

Men, Women, and the Enduring Fallacy of Fairy Tale Weddings

Weddings (like marriages) just aren’t the same anymore—and they don’t have to be.

“Couples need to honor and respect the contributions each partner makes.”

This is a comment by Lesli Doares on the post “Are Men Lazy?”

“I would have appeared dastardly to say, ‘I’m tired of being strong, I need to cry too’ to my wife.”

These are comments by Danny and John D on the post “The Dark Side of Women’s Requests of Progressive Men”.

“I think most women need to “trick” themselves into believing that they’re not satisfying some carnal desire.”

This comment was by John Anderson on the post “My First Playboy”, about women and carnal desire.

On Male Privilege and Fear

Men recognizing their gendered privileges is the first step in leveling the playing field between the sexes, J. Ron Crawford writes.

Daughters, Not Like Sons: John Mayer and Sexism In the Media

Tim Stobierski thinks John Mayer’s hit song “Daughters” is damaging to both men and women.

My Problem With Rich People

Steven Axelrod notices that greed, guilt, and mendacity largely mark the Nantucket elite, and he is equally terrified and curious at the prospect of joining them.

Men vs. Women: Why We Can’t Stop Arguing

Human beings fight with one another because, largely, it’s in our nature, Valter Pahlad writes.

Can Heartbreak Break a Man?

Nicole Johnson argues that societal tropes of masculine strength and perseverance obscure the fact that emotional damage can destroy a man.

How We Stop Being Defensive and Learn To Talk About Difficult Subjects

Julie Gillis meditates on lessons from Jay Smooth on how we should talk about the things we need to talk about.

Bash Patriarchy, Not Men

Maria Pawlowska argues that all, including men, are victims of patriarchy.

Liking Penises Doesn’t Mean Envying Them

Any societal arguments for penis envy have dissolved in the 21st Century, Maria Pawlowska argues.

Oh, Grow Up, Wouldya?

Keith Ackers tackles the age-old question: can maturity and fart noises co-exist?