The Empathy Test


Empathy is a human superpower.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

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You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How The Justice System Failed Gerard Richardson

Gerard Rrichardson Story

Gerard Richardson was recently released after spending twenty years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Was this a one time mistake or just more proof that our justice system is failing?

Matthew McConaughey Delivers Sage Advice for Guyhood

Matthew McConaughey, Oscars, Best Actor, Dallas Buyers Club, acceptance speech,

Something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase.

3 Reasons Why Men Don’t Know They Are Beautiful


Men are only recently comfortably embracing the concept of male beauty. Here’s why.

Are Men Failing Us?

Isaiah Headshot

A servant leader, Isaiah Thomas refutes the idea that men are failing society.

Forgotten Fire: What Western Men Lost By “Conquering” Fire

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Environment Editor Neil Hill on the nature of fire and the rites of passage for men.

Life on the Societal Fringe: Marginalization & HIV


Wilhelm Cortez on a few ways we marginalize others, and the devastating impact this can have on individuals and societies.

Boy Is Beautiful

Boy is Beautiful photo by afgmatters

Mark Sherman has four grandsons and wants boys who act in typical boy ways to feel good about themselves. Society, at least in schools, may be sending a different message.

The Reason I Go Home

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“Where we love is home; home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Language Makes Our World: Choose Your Reality Carefully

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Language is the way we make sense of the phenomena of our world. It empowers, limits, and hurts us.

The United States of Anonymity: The Ugly Side of American Values


Mike Crider on what our online comment sections might show us about the American psyche.

The Emasculation of Men


Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores the concept and possible causes of the “emasculation of men.”

HuMANitarianism: Where Are the Men in Aid?


James Plunkett wonders why there are so few men working at the grassroots levels of NGOs.

Noblesse Oblige = Being an Exceptional Human

Walter Devereux, first Earl of Essex

Tsach Gilboa looks at the idea of noble behavior in the context of the shenanigans in Washington, but more importantly, with the context of greater humanity.

Why Storytelling Has Always Been Better Than Lecturing, Period


Our relationships, marriages and the whole of our society would improve if we read more stories.