Two Trips Home: A Vietnam Story

A soldier’s brush with tragedy both abroad and at home.

Bravo Zulu Soldier

A soldier changes a tire for a stranger. It makes news. Why?

Soldiers Are Not Our Only Heroes

Shawn Henfling thinks we can all agree that Irena Sendler was a hero, but is consensus required?

Misrata dawn

Helen Wing gives voice to the horrors perpetrated on young women and men in the 2011 Libyan uprising.

Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Warrior

My body is strong, my mind is sound, my soul is fierce, yet quiet. I am slow to anger and swift to action. I am just, and I countenance no evil.

Unspoken at JFK

David Eye offers a moment of horror and a moment of beauty at the airport.

Not Humming

Laura Foley uses brevity and simplicity to make a powerful impact in this prose poem.


David Bublitz recalls a letter from his soldier father and what the night sky brought him.

I Am an American Teacher. I Am an American Soldier.

American soldier and educator J.D. Wilson explains how the military taught him to be a better teacher and a better man.

The Fear Mongers

Dwight Gray brings home the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley, and does so in a way that challenges cliche and oversimplification.

Tears of Joy—a Soldier’s Homecoming

Watch this soldier surprise his family as they’re making a video to send to him in Afghanistan.

The Foyer of a Soldier’s House

Poet and U.S. Army veteran Dwight Gray captures how war changes soldiers in this poem of departure and homecoming.

Letting Go: A Mother Prepares for Her Son’s Enlistment

In just two weeks Marilyn Weingard’s son Steven is leaving to help a nation at war. Here’s how she made peace with his decision.

Shell Shock

Scott Hightower depicts a vulnerable veteran from a child’s perspective, to powerful effect.

Can’t Stop Smiling Watching at This Afghan Soldier Learning English

This makes me laugh. Is that wrong ?

Coming Soon: The Monuments Men

“The Monuments Men” looks to cast different light on the cliched WWII movie genre, will it live up to its promising plot-line?