Not Humming


Laura Foley uses brevity and simplicity to make a powerful impact in this prose poem.



David Bublitz recalls a letter from his soldier father and what the night sky brought him.

I Am an American Teacher. I Am an American Soldier.


American soldier and educator J.D. Wilson explains how the military taught him to be a better teacher and a better man.

The Fear Mongers


Dwight Gray brings home the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley, and does so in a way that challenges cliche and oversimplification.

Tears of Joy—a Soldier’s Homecoming

Tears of Joy by Bethany Bronson

Watch this soldier surprise his family as they’re making a video to send to him in Afghanistan.

The Foyer of a Soldier’s House


Poet and U.S. Army veteran Dwight Gray captures how war changes soldiers in this poem of departure and homecoming.

Letting Go: A Mother Prepares for Her Son’s Enlistment

A Mother Prepares by Aero Icarus

In just two weeks Marilyn Weingard’s son Steven is leaving to help a nation at war. Here’s how she made peace with his decision.

Shell Shock


Scott Hightower depicts a vulnerable veteran from a child’s perspective, to powerful effect.

Can’t Stop Smiling Watching at This Afghan Soldier Learning English

Afghan Soldier Learning English

This makes me laugh. Is that wrong ?

Coming Soon: The Monuments Men


“The Monuments Men” looks to cast different light on the cliched WWII movie genre, will it live up to its promising plot-line?



Rescue comes from unexpected hands in Gary Bouchard’s breathtaking tribute to his veteran father.

The Drill Instructor and the Lonely Boy: A Powerful Video

boot, camp, soldier, marine, drill instructor, video, jenny jones, show, powerful, emotional

There is a lot to be said for discipline, and even more for positive male role models. This video has both.

What Our Nation’s Veterans Can Teach Us About Ourselves


How service to others restores and develops our sense of purpose.

The Four Types of Men: Part I – The Warrior

The Warrior

Josh Bowman talks about The Warrior: a classic archetype of masculinity. This is the tough guy, the stoic soldier, the fierce competitor. But it isn’t all of us.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Gummy Bears

Gummy Bear Circle

Gummy bears are marvellous creatures, created by geniuses to taste delicious and be perfectly chewy. Josh Bowman shares his thoughts on these remarkable beasts.

Webcomics: Blackjack (@BlackJackAD): The Second Bite of the Cobra, Episode 40 [#thenewblack]

Soldier of fortune Arron Day makes his way through adventure and excitement in Blackjack, syndicated at Komplicated!