How Can You Help Your Child Live Up To His Potential?


Remember, your children can’t inherit your success.

How Building An Igloo In My Backyard Was The Best Snow Day Ever


For Adam Crawford and his son, more important than the things they created, was that they created things together. (But the things they created were pretty great too!)

The Readers (after Robert Hayden)


Recalling Robert Hayden’s classic poem “Those Winter Sundays,” Philip Clark presents his own remembrance of a father and his sacrifices.

Most of What is Written is Simply Grief


This poem from Todd Davis is a prime example of the power of the unspoken, the understated.

Proud to Have a Gladiator Sports Locker. Grateful to Now Have My Sons Room Clean

Gladiator Locker Kasdan Fan

My son got a sports locker. And his room and I thank him for it.

Done Punching Walls: How I’m Saving My Marriage

punching walls 2

Rory Caldwell was an angry man. After seeing himself through his son’s eyes, he’s now healing himself, his marriage, and his family.

Watching Apocalypse Now


Michael Frizell writes of Vietnam and the father who was there.

How I Got My Son Back Into School With an Unconventional Solution


Extreme challenges kept one mother’s son home from school, endangering his graduation, until she hit upon a last-ditch answer.



David Bublitz recalls a letter from his soldier father and what the night sky brought him.

December 2014


Peter Putnam offers an image of hope and growth in the midst of a time marked by destruction and hate.

The Unintended Consequences of Parental Expectations


As an abused child she knew the negative power a parent could have, but she didn’t know the power of positive parenting could be almost as frightening.

Dad and Baby Breakdancing Contest

Dad and Baby by Cute Adorable

This father and son breakdancing “battle” is so cute, it doesn’t matter who wins.

Mountain Ash Berries


Ed Harkness writes of “the sting of living” in this fond memory of horseplay with his sons.

The Bet


Like many great poems, Mike Crossley’s piece about a father’s playful challenge to his son can be understood in many ways.

3 Critical Things Every Dad Needs to Tell His Kids

say ahhh photo by makelessnoise

Tor Constantino shares 3 critical things he tells his kids that his own father never told him.



A day in the forest and a shared moment of wonderment bring a father and his teenaged son together.