What I Learned From Interviewing My Grandfather


I want to share this with you in case you no longer have your grandfather alive or to inspire you to dig a little bit into the lives of your grandparents while you have the chance.

Not with my Daughter


Our children grow up, they do what we did, it’s all part of the circle of life.

The Growth of Grief

DSC_3939 copy

Andrew Eldredge explores the time it takes to heal and move on.

8 Pieces of Advice Nobody Else Will Give You About College


What every guy needs to know about college and future possibilities.

Are Participation Trophies Sending the Wrong Message to Our Children?


Maybe the answer is to place meaning and emphasis on values rather than a trophy.

A Midlife Dad Struggles With Letting Go Of His Adult Son And Why


Three important lessons every father should learn to help avoid the inevitable.

When I Take a Picture of My Son’s Smile, I Miss His Actual Smile

photo by the ritters

Matt Brennan knows technology makes his life easier. But it also makes it easier for him to disengage with real life.

The Best Advice My Dad Has Ever Given Me


His dad taught him this lesson that changed his outlook on life. — My dad was telling me about the day he had become the manager at his current company when I was visiting my hometown during the holiday season. He said that he could have allowed the doubt to overtake him. He had been […]

What My Dad Taught Me About Love


His dad’s life shouted “I love you” without saying the words.

The Single Most Important Trait in Raising Happy Kids


His father taught him through his example. That’s how he’s teaching his children. — You’re a natural sponge. This isn’t a process you have to learn, or something you can force. Don’t have a sit-down meeting with your friends and discuss the ways they should help you grow. That would be crazy. This is a […]

Why Hugs Don’t Heal


Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

Hey Man! Who are You?


This man says it’s time to get rid of the external noise and get honest about who you are and what you want.

A Letter From One Son To All Dads


No matter what he did, his father didn’t understand his lifestyle choices. Here’s what he did.

The Day My Dad Told Me He Had Cancer


He was so busy with “his life.” What his dad told him that day woke him up to what’s important and changed his life.

I, Robot


Joy Ladin offers a bittersweet remembrance of a father who loved and was loved from a distance.

Coming of Age for Boys


Teaching boys to become men starts long before they reach eighteen. — In a world that eats boys’ self-worth for sport, fathers have the power to validate a young man’s arrival into adulthood. Coming of age is a legal term stipulating at 18 or 21 years old when adolescents are no longer considered minors and […]