Why Hugs Don’t Heal


Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

Hey Man! Who are You?


This man says it’s time to get rid of the external noise and get honest about who you are and what you want.

A Letter From One Son To All Dads


No matter what he did, his father didn’t understand his lifestyle choices. Here’s what he did.

The Day My Dad Told Me He Had Cancer


He was so busy with “his life.” What his dad told him that day woke him up to what’s important and changed his life.

I, Robot


Joy Ladin offers a bittersweet remembrance of a father who loved and was loved from a distance.

Coming of Age for Boys


Teaching boys to become men starts long before they reach eighteen. — In a world that eats boys’ self-worth for sport, fathers have the power to validate a young man’s arrival into adulthood. Coming of age is a legal term stipulating at 18 or 21 years old when adolescents are no longer considered minors and […]

The Worst Part of Being a Parent


Quote from Richard Ford’s “Independence Day”.

The Day My 10-Year-Old Son Asked Me About Sex


At a moment when he least expected it, his son asked him about sex. Instead of letting him learn from others, here’s what he did.  — “Dad, the other day when you and mom were looking online to see if I could watch The Flash, I overheard you say ‘I think it’s ok, but pretty […]

9 Things Every Woman Wants the Father of Her Children to Do


Grand gestures are great, but it’s the little things that win your family’s heart.  — They’re made tackling each other in the back yard. Parenting requires big tasks. It’s a heavy job. Sometimes moms and dads can get overwhelmed by the huge responsibilities that lie in this position. While the big things are critical, sometimes […]

Goodnight Moon


Equal parts lullaby and elegy, James Arthur’s poem is for children present and past.

How Our Three Boys Raised Us


They bought all the books and thought they were prepared. Their children had other plans. — As the parents of three boys, our life is anything but boring. We have wanted nothing more than to be a good mother and father. We wanted, actually needed, to do everything right. We bought all the popular books […]

I’m Rooting for Tiger Woods and It Has Nothing to Do With Golf

Tiger and Earl Woods

Nathaniel Turner, on fathers, sons, and granting a mulligan.

A Father and His Son: The Ted and Stan Letters


Fathers are a bit like baseball season. They inspire you, but eventually they leave. They have to: that’s what angels do.

A Son, a Mother, a Camera, and a Dream

A son a mother by alexnorgay

Alex Norgay’s mother is single and he believes “she deserves a good man.” So he did this.

A Sunday Walk with Father


Todd Davis draws tight parallels between the world of trees and the world of humans.

Still Trying to Live Up to What Your Father Thought You Should Have Become?


Ira Israel reviews a book that digs deep into the sometimes painful and often fraught terrain of father-son love.