Music and Recording: A Wild 100 Years or So

The recording medium itself has changed what it means to perform and share music.

Raise ‘Em Up

Justin Ricklefs on children, foster parenting, and crying.

Fast Forward 20 Years: Barbershop Quartet Style

Musical styles change dramatically over time. But people always enjoy looking back on the popular songs of the past. Here’s a sneak of what today’s hits may sound like to people 20 years from now…

Don’t Waste Your Favorite Song on Your First Wedding

Do you really never want to be able to use that song again? Al DeLuise didn’t think so, either.

Marine Sings ‘Home’ on Flight Back From Training

Matt Bussen’s soulful in-flight rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Home” gives voice to every soldier’s feelings on homecoming.

Another Year. And Still a N***a

Gerard Kersey wants us to all see our responsibility in helping to change the culture and mindset of our young people through the way we use language.

The Good Men Playlist: Songs About Years

Sure I could give you a list of starting fresh songs, but how about some songs about years instead?

I Told Her I Was a Stay at Home Dad. And That’s When She Started Laughing.

Chris Bernholdt didn’t expect to laughed at for being a stay at home dad, but found solace in the words of one of the first songs ever written.

Kid Signing Holiday Concert is Full of Awesome – Video

There are few things as cute as a kindergarten holiday concert, but this little girl found a way to take it up a notch.

11 Unconventional Lullabies Dads Should Sing to Their Kids

Are you looking for some new material at lullaby time? Jeff Bogle has got you covered!

Inspiration Wanes

A geese family, two youngsters, and a flute help revive Spoon Jackson’s inspiration.

The Father That I Loved

For any given memory, Lisa Hickey will always choose to remember the good.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Singing

Josh Bowman shares what he has learned about singing from people who are better at singing than he is.

What We Loved in 2012 According to Facebook

Top trends in 2012 according to our favorite social network

The Sexiest Moments in VMA History

TrèsSugar chronicles the steamiest moments on the VMA stage.

“I identified with hip-hop artists because I felt similar pain, anger, and separation from the ‘mainstream’ culture.”

This is a comment by Deborah on the post “Hip Hop Generation Masculinity: The Story of Tupac, Biggie and Me”.