You’re a Good Man. Have We Left You Out?

an appeal

We have a lot of voices on GMP. Is yours getting heard?

Alone and Confused: A Part of My Childhood

shiodome boy-Tom Godber-Flickr

Vinnie Wong grew up without a father, but it wasn’t util he became an adult himself that he realized the affect it had on his entire life.

Dear Kids: Lessons I’ve Learned From Years of Work As You Are About to Do the Same

Advice for the Workplace photo by beglen

Pete Louison tells passes along sage advice to his twenty-something year old kids who are about to enter the workforce.

‘Front Seat Chronicles’ Lets Us Eavesdrop On Conversations

Front Seat Chronicles

New show eschews elaborate sets and silly plots for something much better: conversations.

The 50 Things I Want My Son To Know


A young writer shares what he’ll teach his future son.

Please Don’t Gender Police the Kids

painted nails

Marie Franklin’s daughter paints her grandson’s nails, and she doesn’t understand why people have a problem with this.

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Guns

when we talk about guns

Love them or hate them, chances are if you were raised in America someone in your family owned a gun. James Stafford tells his family tale of firearms, and of the event that holstered his forever.

The Cruelest Thing I Ever Said to My Father

worst thing

It’s 30 years past in the snowy rear view mirror, but James Stafford won’t ever forget saying the worst thing at the worst possible time.

The Best Kind of “I Love You”

best i love you

Andy Smithson discovers what it’s like to utterly melt from three well placed words.

33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

Andy Smithson assembled a list of thirty-three simple, yet complex truths about being a man that he wants to pass onto his sons one day

A Life Lesson: Keep Good Going

my grandfather

How will you pass down more than your name?

Father Appeals to Fathers to Save Son

unlikely hero 1

Nine year old Ryan Dunne has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Without FDA approval, he’ll never get the meds that might save his life. Here’s how you can help.

Fathers, Sons, and Lots of People in Costumes Turn Out For Wizard World Sacramento

wizard world 3

Jay Snook walked the aisles at this year’s Wizard World, and man did he see some sights.

Boys Don’t Cry

Boys dont cry photo by david shankbone

Reid Wilson believes we must redefine toughness in the 21st century, especially when it comes to our boys. Here’s why and how.

The Drill Instructor and the Boy Without a Father


An old talk show episode about teaching teens respect has Eduardo García thinking about what it means to raise a boy into a man.

Dear Sandwiched Man: You Need More Help


Peter Biro is a member of the “sandwich generation” — raising children while caring for an elderly parent. He hopes what he is learning can help others.