I Walked 1,400 Miles After My Son Died and Finally Forgave Myself

Barry Adkins walked 1,400 miles to speak in different schools about his loss of a son due to binge drinking. But the walk itself showed him so much – forgiveness, grief, and moving forward.

The Birth of My Fourth Son Awakened My Faith

Lisa Bevere on how her son catalyzed her leap of faith into Christianity.

My Son is Not My Accomplishment

I did not achieve my son. He is the embodiment of my dreams and wishes, but he is not my accomplishment.

Why Do We Prefer Sons?

Did they think I was so disappointed in having a daughter I wouldn’t want another one? That I would be upset if I didn’t have a son, but my wife would be fine with it?

Why Risking Your Cool Points is OK When it Comes to Kids and Social Media

Knowing about and understanding the technology and social media capabilities available to your kids is something you just have to do as a dad.

To My Sons: Lessons on Manhood I Learned From Your Father

Put family first. Start a food fight. Laugh. Love. Lisa Gastaldo shares advice to her sons from her late husband.

4 Ways Workaholic Dads Can Happily Retire

If you haven’t retired yet, here’s how to set things up so that you ease from full-time work into an activity you enjoy.

How to Be The Best Dad In The World to Your Daughters

One month ago, my dad left our physical world to be with us from the other side. He was a good man and the best dad I could have hoped for.

Five Lessons About Fear From an Eight-Year-Old Girl

It’s amazing how much you can learn from an eight-year-old if you keep your mind open.

Sons and Dolls: A Father’s Message of Masculinity

When his young son asks for a doll for his birthday, a father reacts in the most appropriate, masculine way.

Fathers: 7 Tips to Step Your Parenting Game UP This School Year

Being involved in your child’s education is imperative for their success.

Dear Son, I Hope You Fail

Failure is the key to finding yourself, and ultimately success. This dad shows his son, and us, how.

Childhood Horror: 5 Ways to Identify Abuse

Sometimes your children are crying for help in ways we cannot understand.

3 Fleeting Moments that Lead to a Lasting Relationship

Long-term relationships don’t just happen. They’re consciously built, moment by moment.

You Don’t Need a Good Dad to Find a Good Man

Having a good father isn’t a requirement for finding a good man or husband or partner or long-lasting significant other. In fact, having a hateful, hurtful and otherwise harmful father can help ensure that you won’t end up with a man who treats you the same.

How to Unspoil Your Son in 1 Simple Step

In my experience, parents are partly responsible for “creating” sons that are indifferent, lazy or entitled.