“Empower kids to figure things out for themselves”

Chalkboard - Problem to Solution

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1,460 Days of Crying

crying photo courtesy Ryan Chin

Future dads are you ready?

The LEGO Movie: You Can Take Awesome With You

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Whit Honea on “The LEGO Movie,” the toys it inspired, and the joy of building it together.

How Moms Can Raise Gentlemen


Eduardo García believes that modern men can be gentlemen, and that modern women can raise their sons that way.

6 Tips For Divorced Dads and Sons

divorced dads

Divorced with kids? Graham Scott has been there. He has some good words for you.

Two Tips For Positive Parenting

two tips for positive parenting

Black belt Theresa Byrne meets a lot of frustrated parents. Here are a couple of tips she’s shared with them.

When Sons Ask Dads to Play (and Why Dads Should Play Anyway)

action men

Graham Scott on the miracles lurking behind ‘Can you play?’

An Open Letter to my Dad the Bandit

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A young man writes to his father to ask if he will look inside for the love to change his racism.

Less Than 7 Deadly Words: A Father’s Battle with Appropriateness

7 deadly

Phillip Chestnut loves his son and his sitcoms, so why can’t he have both at the same time?

Questioning “Masculinity”

Questioning Masculinity photo by stevenlaurie

With a past that has been marked by an exclusionist definition of what it is to be a man; Christian Clifton thinks it is time to rethink an outdated set of ideas.

Going Public: Xe Sands Reads a Letter From Steinbeck to His Son


Now see? This is what a father should say, although free association will also get you pretty far…

Little Soon Forgotten Charities


Josh Misner realized that the best thing he can give his children is his presence—the minute fractions that that make up the happiness of life.

How Can You Teach Them to Be Men?


Transman is raising two boys—as a solo transgender man. Here is what he says to people who don’t think he can raise sons since he is not a ‘real’ man.

The Boy Who Didn’t Save Christmas

boy who didnt save christmas

Is Christmas about giving or receiving? Sometimes we learn the hard way.

No Place I’d Rather Be: A Response To The New York Times

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Jason Greene sometimes wonders “what if” when he thinks about his role as stay at home dad, married to a breadwinning wife. But not for long.

Boy Is Beautiful

Boy is Beautiful photo by afgmatters

Mark Sherman has four grandsons and wants boys who act in typical boy ways to feel good about themselves. Society, at least in schools, may be sending a different message.