How I Made My Son the Hated Kid

How I Made by woodleywonderworks

Tommy Maloney gave his son Connor a bad rep at school. But he’s an awesome dad. How can that be?

Eric Bennion: My Kids Will Never Remember, I Will Never Forget

Eric and boys

Welcome to Portraits in Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

Every Guy Should Read This Article About Giving ‘The Talk’ To Your Sons


Dan McGlynn came home to find that his kids had Googled ‘Big Butts” and knew it was time for the talk.

The Simple Message That Brought a Middle School Class to Tears

The Simple Message by Champion of Choices

Former pro wrestler turned anti-bullying crusader Marc Mero puts to rest once and for all the idea that men don’t have emotions.

The Dangers of Letting Your Life Revolve Around Your Kids

father and son

Sometimes, it’s more important for kids to tag along with Dad as he goes about his business than it is for Dad to tag along with them as they go about theirs.

3 Reasons I’m Endlessly Grateful for My Ex-Wife


I’m writing these to her. But I hope you’ll feel where I’m coming from.

It Could’ve Been Worse. McDonald’s Could’ve Banned Me For Life.

mcdonalds 2

A tale of one inexperienced dad and one not quite potty-trained daughter…

How America Messed Up Its Kids…And How We Can Fix Them


Where did we go wrong in raising this generation, and how can we correct these mistakes? Take a look.

A Ray of Hope in a Violent World: My Son Got it Right


Kids will learn some things all on their own. Spencer Dryden is thankful for this one.

With Conflicting Expectations for Men, How Do I Raise a Son?

raising sons

We want men to be able to problem-solve. We want them to empathize,too, and know when not to solve a problem. Aaron Anderson, a father, wonders what can parents of sons do?

No, I Don’t Need to Have a Son


Before Nick Browne had children, he thought he wanted a boy. Here’s why that no longer matters to him.

10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make (Me Included)

parenting mistakes

“Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.”

The Day My Son Gave Up On Me. For Good.


Lauen Cormier repairs the relationship between her son and her. No excuses this time.

Our Boys Are Now at Greater Risk Than Girls


Dottie Lamm on recognizing the real at-risk youth of today.

Mourning the Loss of the Boy Who Becomes a Man


On the baseball diamond, a mom learns to stop fearing her son growing up.

Young, Black, and Powerful


Brandon Greene shares a poem dedicated to his son about growing up as a black man.