Celebrating the Goodness of Dads

JS My Son and His Father

Joanna Schroeder looks back on how her husband—who as she says was “born to be a dad”—allowed her the space to be present with her children and celebrate the good.

A Letter to My Son About Elliot Rodger


Seamus Curtain Magee writes a heartfelt letter to his son, and the sons of the world, on how to avoid the kind of hate that drove Elliot Rodger to kill.

What Black Educators Are Saying About the Effects of Race on Our Sons


Denene Millner explains the correlation between trusting adult-based relationships and academic success for African American boys.

The Roots of Fear and Loathing: The Paradox of Fearless Masculinity

strong man-Patrick Feller-flickr

What do men fear the most? Letting the veil slip and revealing who we really are, appearing unmanly.

Eminem’s ‘Headlights,’ Mothers, Sons, and Forgiveness


Why did Eminem’s latest track blow up? Brandy Pettigrew has some thoughts on the subject.

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Good Guy You Learned in the Sandbox


James Stafford learned the secret to being a good citizen as a little boy. You probably did, too.

Letting Him Move On

empty house author

Even when it’s for the best parting affects deeply. Miguel Perez shares a moment, and a lifetime with us.

When It Comes To Respecting Women, The Key Is Raising Our Sons Differently


A young female writer is fed up with the behavior of many men of her generation. Her solution? Change the way mothers will raise the next wave of men.

A Mother’s Day Gift: My Son, The Prom, And the Lesson He Taught Me

Anticipation photo by Joris Louwes

“Live is meant to be lived.” Lisa Levey’s son taught her the lessons he himself learned from trying and failing. And that is the best mother’s day gift of all.

The Modern Father

the modern father-Lies Thru a Lens-flickr

I want to honor these dads. I want to honor them back because they have been honoring us.

How to Use the Force in Soccer and 5 Other Crazy Things I Teach My Sons


Stay at home Dad Kozo Hattori tries to make parenting entertaining and meaningful using the things he knows best.

Scouting for My Son’s America

Scouting in america

William Lucas Walker tries to explain to his son why scouting is so cool and yet why, as a gay dad, he could never be a leader for his son’s troop.

Why ‘Heaven Is For Real’ is a Man’s Movie


The box office hit could be considered a “chick flick,” but that would be wrong. It’s a man’s movie: a movie for good men.

The Great List of Things I Can’t Do Because I Only Have Sons

Lucky Mother of Boys photo by amslerpix

A mother examines the ways in which her life might be different if she had 3 daughters instead of 3 sons.

7 Baby Steps Toward Changing the World

change world

Changing the world is a tall order. Where to begin? Here are 7 easy things you can do today, and they won’t hurt a bit.

Alone and Confused: A Part of My Childhood

shiodome boy-Tom Godber-Flickr

Vinnie Wong grew up without a father, but it wasn’t util he became an adult himself that he realized the affect it had on his entire life.