Why Men Spam Women On Dating Sites

Explaining one of the internet’s most annoying mysteries.

“I wonder if the Nigerian email scammers are onto something.”

This is a comment by Alastair on the post “How to Successfully Meet Women Online”.

On Internet Spam, Among Other Things

Christie Chapman rejoins the Moustache Club with a trio of heartbreaking microfictions about Wienermobiles, Internet spam, and hot college comedy.

Stinky Orders Viagra: An Animated Video Adventure

Mark Greene’s alter ego, Stinky opens a mysterious spam email and goes on an internet adventure to a real live virtual online pharmacy.

Granny Spam–Money Bags

Do you have someone in your family who forwards you odd, obscure or funny things?  Me too.  Here’s a look at something my mom sent me this week…   THIS IS THE ONLY TIME WE WILL SEE AND LIVE THIS EVENT Calendar for July 2012

I’m a Social Media Hypocrite

For Tom Matlack, social media got in the way of being a good man.

News: Technophilia for June 29th, 2011

Apps and code, hard drives and speedy processors, Technophilia gives you all the details on the world of technology and the future. These are the technology stories from the It’s Komplicated June 29th webcast.

Hacking Your Penis Apart, Stitching It Back Together: Not a Good Idea

This might surprise you if you’ve never received email spam, but nearly 50 percent of men wish they had a bigger member.

Tuna helper and other white trash food

If you wash it down with cigarettes and generic vodka, it’s white trash food.           I have great friends.  I tend to get some great inspiration from The Muse, but from time to time, my inspiration comes from elsewhere.  Like this post. My friend Liz inspired this post with her stories […]

Your Weekly Tech Roundup

The latest from the world of technology.