Call for Submissions: Let’s Save the World!

Hey Writers—Let’s Save the World! Do you have an essay, speech, TED talk, or topic that address the solutions for a better world?

‘From invisible to inevitable…’ Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity Ceremony Winner & Keynote Speech

Ms. Marvel takes top prize and acclaimed comic writer & journalist Marc Bernardin delivers a heartfelt keynote speech.

When Queens Duke it Out Over End of the Year Tidings

End of year tidings were given by two queens this year. One, the Queen of England, the other by the self proclaimed Queen of Ireland. What’s this have to do with The Good Men Project? Well, one of the queens is a good man.

The Power of a Father’s Words

Mike Berry shows how the words dads speak—and don’t speak—influence our children.

The Commencement Speech That Wouldn’t Die

This graduation speaker left Al DeLuise in tears—of laughter.

Baby’s First Words to Dad: I Love You

This two-month-old baby melts her father’s heart…and ours.

Our Boys Becoming Men: Pausing To See The Good and Hopeful

After weeks of the concussion and hazing and abuse stories, a ballplayer’s speech reminds Michael Kasdan of the good in sports and – more importantly – the good in our boys who are rapidly becoming men.

One Man’s Instruction to Another Man Before He Speaks his Wedding Vows

Patrick Finnegan, with words to his friend.

“They’ll All Turn On You Eventually!” Why I Still Care About Being Politically Correct

Ferrett Steinmetz keeps being told that you can never be perfect enough for “the PC police”. If he were trying to be perfect, that might matter.

Teddy Roosevelt Has Some Advice for You

Ken Goldstein reflects on courage and creativity.

If You Want a Strong Marriage, Throw Out the Speech

Ben Martin found that his marriage works best when he and his wife forget what marriage is supposed to look like.

On Not Speaking For Other People

Are you speaking up for others, or are you shouting them down?

Watch this: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers powerful speech about witnessing, facing and fighting against discrimination

“Human rights and dignity are great philosophical principles but the hard work of executing on these principles depends on our individual acts every day.”

The Courage to Use Our Own Understanding: Valedictorian Address

“Knowing is not the same as engaging” Adam Moscoe speaks at the University of Ottawa.

Do You Know the Man Giving This Speech? (Humbly Called The Greatest Speech Ever Given)

“To those who can hear me know I say ‘Do Not Despair.'”

What Do You Think of Joss Whedon’s Commencement Speech to Students?

The famous writer and director said to students: “You are all going to die.”