Some Guys Never Lose Their Inner Kid

Some Guys by andrewmsmith

What happens when grownups start playing with the toys of their youth? You get “Toy Wars.”

4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

4 Superpowers to Awaken in Your Child

“We talk so much about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” -Gerry Burnie

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

spiderman on the steps

You don’t have to be a superhero to have great power, or have the responsibility of using that power wisely.

Act Your Age! No, Wait, Don’t Do That!!

Act Your Age

Alex Barnett thrills in his son’s ability to enjoy a moment with unbridled passion, but he looks forward to not dealing with in-the-moment meltdowns.

Spider Man Swings into the new MARVELKIDS.COM


Marvel Introduces New Headlined By Expansive, Dedicated Spider-Man Destination!

I’m Not a Male Role Model to My Daughters, Spiderman is.

spderman Yvonne in Willowick Ohio:Flickr

For a father in the Balkans, a good male role model can be hard to find.

Why The 2014 Summer Movie Season Has Sucked (So Far)


One writer’s recap of 2014’s under performing mid- summer movie season.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review


What a way to kick of the summer blockbuster season; The Amazing Spider Man 2 is finally here!

This is the Coolest Ad. Watch Spider-Man Meeting Spider-Baby (Video)

Coolest ad Ever. Evian Spider Baby

French water company Evian is famous for its baby commercials. The last one is memorable.

Because Men Don’t Fit Into Molds

Batman Man

Modern Equality shows what superheroes and icons would look like if they were real. Like, really real.

10 Leadership Lessons from Super Heroes (And Super Villains)

superheros photo by jiformales

Michael Kasdan believes that good leadership is a super power. And so he looks to his mentors—the super heroes—for advice.

Spider Man is Dead and No One is Talking About It


Lodro Rinzler reflects on the death of Spider Man and what it might mean for those who follow heroes.

How To Be Super, Part 1: Introduction

thor-ap-Rex Features

Being Super is a life long practice—one that involves the head, heart and a lot of courage. Oh, and plenty of crazy too.

Nerd Role Models: The Alpha Geek


Dr. NerdLove explains how guys can use Spider-Man as a model of how to embrace your geekiness while still being great at dating.

My Daughter Fell for Spider-Man and Peer Pressure

The identity crisis

At five years old, my daughter is feeling the pressure to fit in. As a dad with marginal power, there is still great responsibility.

How to Use Superhero Films to Talk about Masculinity

photo by morningshadow

Andrew Smiler offers 7 questions to start conversation about masculinity using superhero films.