The Last Sunset of Pieter Pilon


Atalwin and his brother perform a ceremony on a beach far from home, and wish their father a safe and swift passage to the other shore.

Whose Life Is This?


Keith Doyle, a man with second sight and precognitive dreams sees pregnancy, and abortion, in a different light.

#48: A Mother’s Answered Prayer

abandoned van

A Mother’s Day Tom Brechlin won’t forget. #48 in a series: 100 Acts of Male Goodness.

“Guilt and shame are seriously like bad cologne or a fart in an elevator.”


This is a comment by Hot-tall-intelligent-mature-HWP-blonde-blue-eyed-woman on the post “Can’t Get Laid”.

A Totally-Not-Definitive Guide to Really Being a Man


Atalwin Pilon has some advice for every man—and every person, for that matter.