What’s The Point in Losing Faith?

Sometimes the point of being lost is to find the questions you never thought to ask.

How a Man is Spiritual in 100 Words

How a man is spiritual is not in how we see him, but in how he sees himself. We are all only that which we allow ourselves to be. A spiritual man knows this.

12 Steps, Religion And A Secular Alternative

” …(A)ny alcoholic capable of honestly facing his problems in the light of our experience can recover, provided he does not close his mind to all spiritual concepts. He can only be defeated by an attitude of intolerance or belligerent denial.”

Spiritually Fit Dad

Chris Forte on how his vacation is helping him recognize his spirituality.

Your Judgments Will Save Your Life and They Will Kill You

Live by your judgments and you are not much different than a two year old

How to Ring in the New

Thomas Fiffer offers a new approach to starting the new year.

How I Moved on From the Death of My Marriage

Chris Forte looked inside with prayer, reading, and meditation before he chose to say goodbye to his 17 year marriage. And when he moved on, he did so with strength.

We Are All Made of Stars

Theresa Byrne asks you to take three minutes to watch this video and remember that we are all connected. We all matter. And we’re all made of matter. ___ The holidays can be a difficult time. Some are away from family, or just aren’t big celebrators of the season (I wrote about my former Grinchiness here). Many people […]

A Meditation on Giving Up

Accept that you are sometimes powerless. It’s surprisingly empowering.

How Fantasy Football Helped Me Lose Myself–-and Find Myself

Take a serious look at what your time is spent doing. Then ask yourself if it’s worth it.

One Man’s Meditation: Washing the Dishes, Tending the Earth

What if washing the dishes became a simple gesture of conscious relationship with place, and mindfulness of the planet?

Prioritize Your Body, Train Your Mind and Welcome Spirit

Spiritual Fitness is about Body, Mind, Spirit–but what does that look like in your daily life?

Spiritual Mentorship

As I cultivated my spiritual fitness program, I tapped into a new world I hadn’t known existed…

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Magician

I can make you wholly new, but it will require ingredients and sacrifice. Are you willing to become new?

Man, You’re Not Alone

Despite how it can sometimes seem, there are many men out there on a similar spiritual journey.

Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold

View image | gettyimages.com I don’t lose books. I lost this one. A few years ago, I bought “Chants of a Lifetime” in Los Angeles, got on the plane, read a few chapters, put it aside and walked off the plane without it. I realized right away I didn’t have it. But I didn’t go […]