The Gifts That Get Handed Down to Generations

My Uncle's Gift

#KeepGoodGoing in partnership with New York Life

A Life Lesson: Keep Good Going

my grandfather

How will you pass down more than your name?

Beyond Bangers & Mash: Community Matters at This Irish Pub in State College


The Jameson Whiskey will be smooth no matter where you have it, but an Irish pub isn’t authentic until it embraces the Irish sense of community.

Shoes May Not Make the Man, But They Sure Make the Outfit

Stacy Aldren

Shoes from Stacy Adams A part of the pop culture for 100 years. And a part of men’s style now. Sponsored by Stacy Adams.

Staying Present With Your Children: A Cool Discussion From

photo by jason lander

4 ways to be present with your kids even when you are worried about working hard to provide for them. Prompted by a cool discussion at MyDaddyCool

Drawing the Line Between Social Casino Gaming and Real Money Gambling

social gaming

The line between social gaming and real money gambling is becoming increasingly blurred.

V Energy Super-Charges Golf [Sponsored]

V Energy Golf

V Energy is a New Zealand energy drink that can super-charge any situation–even a polite sport like golf.

Making Love All Day Long

Durex, Get Closer Go Further, intimacy, married sex, zach rosenberg, good men project

Zach Rosenberg may be a married father of a preschooler, but he and his wife don’t let their sex life suffer. What’s his trick?

Old Spice’s New Bar Soap is as Fresh as a 24 Hour Shower (Sponsored)

Old Spice

Ever wish the freshness of a shower could follow you throughout the day? Classic men deserve a classic shower.

Behind the Scenes with Air New Zealand and Bear Grylls (Sponsored)

Air New Zealand

Check out outdoorsman extraordinaire Bear Grylls in this new behind-the-scenes video following Air New Zealand’s delightful “Bear Essentials of Safety” in-flight safety video.

Delancey Place: Eclectic Excerpts, ‘The Unexpected and the Contrarian’ Delivered by Daily Email.

Delancey Place

Since 2005, Richard Vague has been sending out excerpts – one a day, by email, to his subscriber list. Why? As we know, there is much you can learn from a man’s story.

Is Your Beard Robbing You of Smooches? [Sponsored]

Are We Killing the Kiss? Gillette

Gillette produced the above documentary to find out for sure. Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair?

How Shaquille O’Neal Overcame Stuttering to Become Comfortable in His Own Skin: Video by Dove Men + Care

young shaq

How did Shaq overcome being teased for his stutter? How about Steve Nash being booed by his own team every time he got the ball?

The Christmas Gifts You Forgot

photo by comedy nose

Adult toys for the bedroom, brought to you by Adam and Eve

Doug Flutie and John Elway are Comfortable in Their Own Skin

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 6.44.24 PM

You may think you know Doug Flutie and John Elway, but do you know what makes them comfortable in their own skin?

The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Defies Stereotypes. (No Wonder We Like It)

Mitsubishi 2

Some guys are weight conscious. So is the Outlander. It’s lost 200 lbs. this year, and boy, what a body! Aerodynamic, ergonomic and ooo-la-la. Review of the new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander, sponsored by Mitsubishi.