6 Times in History I Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck, if I Couldn’t Get Back to the Future

Patrick Sallee was a huge fan of Back to the Future when he was a kid. Now, on the 30th anniversary, he’s contemplating time travel himself. #Ad

We Love the Outdoors. We Hate Poison Ivy. With Tecnu Extreme, it’s No Worries All the Way.

Active families need active solutions to the inevitable encounters with poison ivy.

The Confident Man: Why Style Is Important

Pay attention to how you dress and not only feel good—you will walk, talk and act like you look good.

Win a Chance at $2,500 by Leaving a Comment on HUMANS Stories on The Good Men Project

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The Best Basics to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

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The Teenagers of Today Create the Narratives of Tomorrow

Look at the types of creative projects the youth of the world are making today. They will transform the way you think about teenagers. They will transform the way you think about art, and social justice, and gender and news and politics and the world.

Help the Youth of Today Stay Creative, Passionate and World-Changing

The Adobe Youth Voices Awards gives you the chance to see what some of the most creative youths of today are doing in the area of social venture.

What Were You Doing at Age 13?

These 13 to 19 year olds are trying to change the world with their creativity. Please support them.

These Videos Will Topple Every Stereotype You Have About Teenagers Today

Support creativity in today’s youth. Vote for the next documentary superstar.

When Is a Free Throw Really an Assist?

Inside Jim Walker’s incredible free throw marathon: one hour every day for twenty four straight days = 20,000+ free throws to benefit the American Cancer Society.

It’s College Basketball Season and a Chance to Win the ‘Ultimate Home Court Advantage’ Sweepstakes

Why we love sports reason #7,523. Win big with more than $25,000 in prizes with hhgregg and #MyHomeCourt.

You Don’t Know Jack About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

You Don’t Know Jack About MS™ was created for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their loved ones by Jack Osbourne, in partnership with Teva Neuroscience.

I Love Giving Gifts. Excessively. And That’s Ok.

Jeff Bogle finds that with Amex Membership Rewards®, he can just keep on giving. #sponsored

Great Experiences Build Memories: The Top 6 Ways Our Family Looks for Fun and Joy

Using Membership Rewards® from American Express, my family can experience a whole lot of things that might have otherwise been out of reach.

Why Microsoft Office 365 is Right for Your Family 

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Holiday Inn: The Perfect Stop Along Your Journey to Extraordinary

We’re all on a journey to somewhere. And we’re all headed in the same direction: forward.