Mike “The Stinger” Glenn’s Basketball Camp for Deaf Children

Former NBA Player Teaches Inclusion Through Basketball

What Did Martin Luther King Know About Sports That We All Should Understand?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

The Loss of Positive Male Role Models and Educational Priorities in the U.S.

During the 1950s, the scientist was the hero of our movies, saving us from space aliens and mutant insects. Why have our collective goals shifted away from educated men as role models?

Lies and Athletes: Why Do We Care?

They say to “hate the game, not the player,” but sometimes the players bring it on themselves. Carter Gaddis shares his views on athletes, integrity, and the lessons we are teaching.

Drinking And Drafting: Should You?

Last year, Patrick Wensink drank too much at his fantasy football draft. He wound up with a team full of Cleveland Browns.

Merion’s White Stained Past

Merion Golf Club hosted the 113th U.S. Open this weekend. Despite all the encomiums to its place in golf’s history, Travis Timmons reminds us not to overlook the less savory aspects of its past.

Can Sports Save Us?

Oliver Lee Bateman explains why we should pay closer attention to the sports that we watch.

Jason Collins: Redefining What Comes Next in Masculinity and Sports

American team sports has its first, openly gay pro athlete.

Jason Collins is the First Professional Athlete in the US to Come Out

NBA player Jason Collins has announced he is gay.

Redemption Shot: Justin Wren’s Path from Drug Addict to Christian Missionary

An inspiring tale of redemption, courage, and human compassion.

The San Francisco Giants Are the Rodney Dangerfield of Baseball

Despite two World Series wins in three years, Neil Cohen wonders why the Giants are once again fighting for respect.

The Sports Guy (And so much more)

Sometimes you meet a guy you just instantly like.

Handsome Men with Unattractive Women (A Combination the Media Will Never Show You)

Why is it funny when a beautiful woman kisses an unattractive man?

BREAKING NEWS: Manti Te’o Was a Victim of the Hoax Too

Te’o has released a statement calling the situation “incredibly embarrassing” and maintaining that he was the victim of a horrible lie.

Where Have You Gone Aaron Sele?

With the Hall of Fame vote in, and no one elected, Neil Cohen says that baseball nation won’t be turning its lonely eyes to Cooperstown this summer.

Is the NCAA Knocking Down the Gods of College Sports?

Liam Day hopes the NCAA’s new regulations will help prioritize students’ futures over the wealth of the universities’ sports programs.