“We Don’t Need No Education?” Hey Athletes, Yes You Do

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Why do we think that our sports figures shouldn’t also be intelligent and well-educated? Matthew Facciani explores the un-talked about pressures on athletes to not succeed intellectually.

The Bus Hit Him. Skiing Saved Him.


Sports can be a cause of discord in marriage, but for Heather Gray and her husband, sports preserved their union—and her husband’s life.

What if We Cared About the Environment the Way We Cared About Sports?


“All I’ve ever wanted is a son who joins Earth Club!”

All I Want For The Holidays This Year Is a Power Forward, a DH Who Can Hit, and An Offensive Line

nfl santa

Alan Wolf and our readers share their sports holiday wish lists!

Sport as Socio-Political Institution


When athletes use the arena for political expression

The NFL Star Who Chose Farming Over $37 Million Dollars


Jason Brown had a lucrative contract and promising future in the NFL, but he walked away for a bigger purpose.

Mike Golic’s Optimism for Safe Football Is Pure Fantasy


Brian Harmon says as long as football continues to attract, “You hit like a girl!” gorillas to teach the game to children, no amount of Heads Up football is going to make the sport safer.

Bat Away The Tears


The acceptable face of crying.

Point/CounterPoint: The Ethics of Being a Sports Fan


Mike Kasdan moderates a Saturday Night Live style Point/CounterPoint Debate between Wai Sallas and Marty Josephson. More Cowbell!

Dan Gable: On Greatness


The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

Don’t Discount the Philadelphia 76ers Just Yet


This year’s 76ers are not about basketball. Rather, the 2014-15 76ers are all about potential and hope.

Always Bet On . . . Silver?

Gambling - GMP

Michael Stilley takes a look at Commissioner Silver’s proposal to legalize sports gambling.

What Happens When Man Defies Nature? [video]

Surf the lake!

What’s a guy to do when it’s 26 degrees, windy, and snowing in Buffalo, NY? Grab a friend and go surfing, of course!

Do Sports Superstitions Really Work?


Brent Stoller says those sports superstitions may seem silly, but there’s a bigger and unforeseen reason why you should keep them alive.

10 Ways To Learn More About Your Intimate Other

The more I know about you the closer I feel.

Steven Lake realizes the more he learns about his partner, the more he learns about himself.

The Reluctant Line Judge


Keith Stewart wanted to support his niece, little did he know he would become a line judge and learn a valuable lesson about family.