Why it’s OK for Boys to Fail

Is failure better than not trying? Andrew Books, father of a high school wrestler, shares how losses teach as much, or more than, wins.

The Ultimate Equation: Insanity, Frisbee and Water Jet Packs, Baby!

The unparalleled sickness of this catch is why we exist.

Why We Should be Challenging the Women Taking Selfies at the Diamondbacks Game

The women at the Diamondbacks game deserved to be called out on their behavior. The reason might be different than what you think.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better in the World of Muscle Building

No need to go big, or go home at the gym anymore. Researchers have found that a bigger muscle does not necessarily mean a higher quality muscle.

Why I Just Want To Punch You In The Face

On the field he learned that violence was the way to deal with conflict. Off the field he had to learn a better way.

We Should Be Handing Out MORE Participation Trophies, Not Less

Craig Yoshihara reminds us that participation trophies are a part of adult life, too. Ever thought about your salary?

Ten Questions About FATHERHOOD with Scott Brosius

Former pro third baseman Scott Brosius tells all about sleep deprivation, how kids reacted to a major league dad, and the absolute worst diaper change story ever.  —- By Paul Shipper When most sports fans think about Scott Brosius, they remember Brosius as the former Oakland A’s and New York Yankees’ third baseman. I remember […]

Stop Punching Your Brother!

A lesson on being on the team.

5 Things You MUST Do To Build A Healthy Lifestyle

The fitness industry doesn’t really want you to get fit. Kyle Swetzig tells you why, and what you need to do to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Why Aren’t You Dancing?

Come dancing. An invitation you cannot refuse.

The Shockingly Low Odds of Making it in the NFL

The few NCAA players who make it to the NFL, can expect short-lived glory.

Dog Breaks Record For Most Balls Caught with Paws

Man’s best friend dogs man in a you-gotta-see-it sporty, sweet display.

Why I Don’t Force My Son to Play Sports

A father shares 5 reasons he and his wife won’t give in to society’s expectations.

In Today’s NFL, Forget Super Bowl Dreams, It’s All About Fantasy

John Affleck explores the state of the American sports fandom – fantasy football.

The Man With Two Left Feet

It can be hard to dance with only two left feet.

Tackling The Stigma: Sports Can Help Change Perceptions Of Mental Illness

Lance Franklin has been ruled out of a qualifying final due to a mental health condition. This article takes a look at how his story helps highlight the stigma surrounding mental illness.