Dan Gable: On Greatness


The Good Men Project’s On Greatness brings you the most inspiring quotes and related imagery from the world of sports.

Don’t Discount the Philadelphia 76ers Just Yet


This year’s 76ers are not about basketball. Rather, the 2014-15 76ers are all about potential and hope.

Always Bet On . . . Silver?

Gambling - GMP

Michael Stilley takes a look at Commissioner Silver’s proposal to legalize sports gambling.

What Happens When Man Defies Nature? [video]

Surf the lake!

What’s a guy to do when it’s 26 degrees, windy, and snowing in Buffalo, NY? Grab a friend and go surfing, of course!

Do Sports Superstitions Really Work?


Brent Stoller says those sports superstitions may seem silly, but there’s a bigger and unforeseen reason why you should keep them alive.

10 Ways To Learn More About Your Intimate Other

The more I know about you the closer I feel.

Steven Lake realizes the more he learns about his partner, the more he learns about himself.

The Reluctant Line Judge


Keith Stewart wanted to support his niece, little did he know he would become a line judge and learn a valuable lesson about family.

What Playing Basketball Taught Me About Winning At Life


It took Aaron Tang fifteen years of playing basketball to realize one of the most important life lessons.

Why I Won’t Let My Son Play Football


Mike Julianelle says the evidence is too strong and he’s not letting his son play football.

Is the NFL’s Culture of Violence Causing a Crisis of American Masculinity?

nfl crisis of masculinity

Is what’s happening in the NFL causing a crisis of identity in the American male?

Wednesday Writer Tweets of the Day


See what some of our writers are saying on Twitter, and how you can follow them.

Love Is Not a Defense for Abuse

Love is not a defense by kwanie

MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher Anderson reminds us that love does not guarantee that parents will keep their children safe.

What I Learned From My Dad About Being A Sports Fan: Perspective

Sallee and Dad - GMP

Patrick Sallee learned from his dad that there are far more important things than sports and far greater people to admire than athletes.

Alright Sports, I’m About To Leave You . . . Won’t You Listen?

Money Sports - GMP

David Shechtman believes that sports leagues have been raising prices without delivering a better product for far too long. For him, this is sucking the soul from being a sports fan.

The Knitting Runner: David Babcock on Community, Creating and Giving Back

Knitting Runner David Babcock

When you think of a guy in a marathon, you don’t usually think of him knitting. Until now.

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