#ProudtoPlay: Celebrating Equality for All Athletes [Video]


It’s LGBT Pride Month, the World Cup is on, and this video has a simple message – sports are for everyone.

How to Bust your Routine with Abnormal but Healthy Uses of Time


Dr. Stephen Petteruti shares creative ways to remain fit and healthy this summer.

Stepping Up To The Plate


John Vaughn shares how a sport helped him cope with his parents divorce, facilitated a relationship with his step-father, and made him a better person.

Donald Sterling, Mark Cuban and the Bigger Picture We’re Not Seeing


B.O.L.D member Joshua Rivers has a change of heart on the Donald Sterling fiasco, calls for extermination!

I Want Michael Sam to Succeed, But Will He?


N.C. Harrison has some doubts about Michael Sam’s long-term NFL prospects, but he’d love for him to prove that nice guys don’t finish last.

Life Changing Moment: Staring Down the Man in the Mirror

self-image, weight,

I studied my amorphous twenty-five year-old self and said, “Enough is enough.”

Can We Stop Calling Owners, “Owners”?

NBA owners

Professional athletes are employees, not slaves. So why do we call their employers owners?

Half-Man, Half-God From California Sets Beer Mile World Record (VIDEO)

cali runner

James Nielsen is a champion among beerdrinkers everywhere.

Putting a Swim Cap on Your Child’s Head Will Not be a Nightmare Anymore (Funny How-To Video)

Putting a swim cap on our childrens heads

Did you you ever experience difficulties when putting a swim cap on your child’s head ? This guy has a trick for you.

What Would You do From the Top of the World’s Highest Building? They Chose to Jump.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-23 à 09.53.00

Watch those two guys jump off the worlds tallest building, Tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Derek Jeter: On Greatness


The New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter on the work ethic that defines a man’s greatness.

Is Bubble Football the Greatest (and Funniest) Game Ever?

Bubble football

I’m not a soccer fan, but I’d play this in a heartbeat.

Why Nancy Grace is Terrible


N.C. Harrison examines Nancy Grace’s sensationalistic coverage of a recent tragedy.

A Smashing Lifestyle Overhaul. (Part 3)


August 4, 2012 was a memorably hot and humid day in New England. — Before embarking on the 90-minute long drive from my house in Connecticut to Easthampton, Massachusetts to watch the Connecticut Death Quads (CTDQ) take on the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen (PVRD), I spent the afternoon in my comfortably air-conditioned living room scouring […]

One Mile at a Time: Connor and Cayden Long

conner long

These true champions redefine brotherhood.

Requiem for a Warrior


“Jim Hellwig died years ago. He died so the Warrior could live.” Dan Friedman looks at the complexities of the man that didn’t just create a wrestling character, but lived the life of one.