Falling for Your First Love, Every Season


Justin Zackal’s first love, the Pittsburgh Steelers, taught him all about loyalty, disappointment, and other matters of the heart.

The Best and Worst Reactions to Michael Sam’s Coming Out


Tweet — This post originally appeared at ThinkProgress By Travis Waldron Michael Sam, the University of Missouri defensive end who is projected to be taken on the second day of this year’s NFL Draft, came out as gay in an interview with ESPN and the New York Times on Sunday, a decision that could make […]

Heroic Forgiveness: Learning to Reconcile a Lost Relationship With My Dad


When it’s hard to remember the good times with your father, it’s hard to move on.

Why Michael Sam Playing in the NFL Is a Very Big Deal

Why Michael Sam Playing in the NFL Is a Very Big Deal

Doyin Richards calls out the flawed arguments people are using against the first-ever openly gay man to have a chance to play in the NFL

Arthur Ashe: On Greatness

Arthur Ashe Sletch

Legendary tennis great, Arthur Ashe, on the joy of pushing yourself to the limits.

Pickup Basketball, Buddy Movies, and Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

PSH Along Came Polly Basketball

Michael Kasdan remembers Phillip Seymour Hoffman for that brilliant pickup basketball scene from Along Came Polly

On Greatness: Collecting The Inspirational Stuff of Sports

mountain inspiration

With our new feature, On Greatness, we will be looking to capture the inspirational heart of sports by bringing you the powerful quotes and imagery from the world of Sports. Join us! If you have a favorite sports quote, please send us your submission.

The Crash Reel: BitTorrent Bundle Goes Behind the Scenes of the Snowboarding Doc


New documentary bundle features never-before-seen footage from the film by Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker.

“And just because a person doesn’t exercise self-control doesn’t mean you should be treated less than a human being.”


This comment by Mfundisi Kitchen on the post Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

Why It’s Ok If Your Son Doesn’t Want to Play Sports

Why It's Ok If Your Son Doesn't Play Sports

Sports are great, but we shouldn’t pressure boys to play just to prove their masculinity.

Winners or Losers–Which Team Would You Cheer For?


We’ll call the first team The Noble Efforts, but I can’t tell you the name of the second team, because it is a derogatory term for an oppressed group of people.

Nine Parents You Don’t Want at Your Super Bowl Party

Nine Parents You Don't Want At Your Super Bowl Party

Doyin Richards breaks down the kinds of parents you definitely don’t want to hang around with on Super Bowl Sunday

All 47 Super Bowl MVPs Re-Awarded/The Top 25 Performances in Super Bowl History


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen reevaluates all of the 47 Super Bowl MVP performances and determines who really should have won each award.

Why I Won’t Watch the Super Bowl & Can’t Support Football: Let Me Count the Ways


Professor Warren Blumenfeld asks: “Is it simply coincidence that so many high school, collegiate, and professional football players have been charged with committing sexual assault?”

Every Super Bowl Quarterback Performance Ranked (and a pick for Super Bowl 48)


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen breaks down the greatest Super Bowl quarterback performances of all time.

After My Kid Learned To Walk, I Got Him a Wiffle Ball Bat. What Happened Next WILL BLOW YOUR MIND (A Satire)

whiffle ball kid

Michael Kasdan riffs on this week’s story about college sports teams recruiting eighth graders with this home-spun satire. Since when is potty-training a prerequisite for getting a scholarship commitment from Florida State anyway?