14 False Beliefs Men Need to Get Beyond: Sexual Needs and the Sex Routine

Nothing limits our ability to love and be loved, and to find joy and fulfillment more than the beliefs that disconnect us from our hearts. And, nowhere do these beliefs cause more limitations than in our sex lives. Dr. Jordan Paul releases us from these false beliefs in this weekly series.

10 Ways Your Spouse Can Boost Your Career

The best asset for your career is the person you love above all others.

An Uncommon Marriage

How can you serve your spouse this week?

5 Things I Wish My Father Told Me About Marriage

Trying to avoid his father’s mistakes, Steven Lake shares what would have made a difference in his understanding of relationships if . . .

Marriage Advice From An Unlikely Source: Divorced Men

8 things these divorced men want women to know about marriage.

10 Thoughtless Things To Avoid In Your Marriage

Lack of awareness plus lack of thought equals lack of relationship. Steven Lake identifies ten behaviors that put your marriage at risk.

Comment of the Day: “Financial infidelity is a very real thing.”

This comment is by Kay Alldone on the post “Is Financial Infidelity the Latest Scare Tactic?”

Holiday and Relationship Tips for Men

Time is precious. Our lives are temporary and so very fragile. Give your time.   Would you give an honest answer if I asked you, “Did you wait until the last minute to go shopping?” Sure you would. We would all give an honest answer. But, the reality is this: If you and your significant […]

If You Only Had 3 Days With Your Family, How Would Spend Them?

It’s impossible to know how much time we have on Earth. How much time we have with our families, it’s time to stop wasting it.  — It’s true you don’t understand what something means to you until it’s gone. You can try and embrace what you have and live in the moment, but without fail it […]

Relationship in a Rut? Practical Action Steps to Get Back on Track

Marriage or long-term partnerships are not a competition. No one’s getting anywhere if you’re both too busy keeping score.

Is Marriage A Ball And Chain?

Men often joke about marriage as being like a ball and chain. Does this metaphor get too much airtime? Dr. Steve hacksaws into this old adage.

Contemplating The Death Of My Relationship

To appreciate what you have, sometimes you have to imagine life without it.

Emotional Connection: How to Get the Sex Life of Your Dreams

Daniel Dowling wants you to have great sex. And he shares the secret to make it happen.

4 Benefits of Serving Your Spouse

Mike Berry shares four secrets for serving up a successful marriage.

How to End Sibling Rivalry & Lower Your Kids’ Risk of Divorce at the Same Time

Fighting siblings and divorcing spouses are more alike than you may think, and both can find peace by following these three steps.

Why the Servanthood Model Might Save Your Marriage

Mike Berry has built his marriage on always putting his wife first. But his needs get met, too. How does this work?