Comedian Paul Jensen on Date Night

stand up comedy, Paul Jensen, marriage

Paul Jensen was really looking forward to Olive Garden…

Humor Lessons From a Third-Rate Comedian

How to be funny

Walking embarrassment Evan Jacobs tells you everything you need to know to alienate friends and irritate people.

Video: When Worlds Collide – Comedian Silences Room With Heartbreaking Honesty

Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 4.02.33 PM

Comedian Anthony Griffith got up on stage at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival and silenced the room… but it wasn’t an awkward silence.

How to Be a Standup Comedian

How to be a stand up comedian photo by david chief

Michael Anthony is an Iraq War veteran, writer, and standup comedian. Here, he takes you through a typical performance.

Stand-Up Comedian Josh Blue is Where Excuses Go to Die

Josh Blue-provided by Josh Blue

Creator of the “Palsy Punch” is still swinging that “arm”

Pompadours and Circumstance: A Thank You Note to Conan O’Brien


Raised among rough-edged men, Katherine Markovich found an unlikely male role model in Conan O’Brien.

Comedians You Should Know: Kyle Kinane


GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat takes a look at Kyle Kinane’s unrelenting vulnerability on stage

Being and Nothingness: How Twitter Affects My Social Consciousness

twitter, smartphone, humor

GMP Humor Editor, Omar Shaukat, on life since Twitter.

The Ethics of Race Comedy


Race humor be polarizing, intelligent … and good for society?

Comedians You Should Know: Bill Burr


GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat thinks Bill Burr is the greatest working stand-up comic today

Comedians You Should Know: An Interview With Erik Griffin

Erik_Griffin_04_c (1)

GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat interviews comedian Erik Griffin on the inspiration and intentions of his stand-up comedy.

A Brief Introduction and Call for Submissions From the New Humor Editor

My brother and I back in the day

Omar Shaukat, The Good Men Project’s editor for the newly founded Humor Section, reveals his deep relationship with comedy.

My Bloody Valentine [1997]

my bloody valentine

Andy Bodle meets the girl of his dreams at a comedy gig, but what he learns about her grows increasingly disturbing.

Blue Collar Comedy: Andre McSween [Video]


Andre McSween would perform comedy for anyone but his mother.

Giving Up: My Career as a Stand-Up Comic


Bo Guthrie knows that the key to success in stand-up comedy is never giving up, but when does persistence become foolishness?

The Birthday Girl


Steve Young is a stand-up comedian. His job: make a 19 year old terminally ill girl’s birthday party the best ever.