The 6 Rules of Life: How Men Can Live and Love Fully

Stephan Anemaat shares what it means to value yourself and hold your relationships to a higher standard.

Comment of the Day: This article truly gave me a light bulb moment!

This comment was by PJ on the post Why I Can’t Love You Unconditionally by Matt Hearnden

When it Comes to Climate Change, Why are we Always Surprised?

Are Australia’s carbon emissions and air quality rankings really surprising?

Throwback Thursday: When Boys Used to Wear Dresses

It is “throwback” Thursday on GMP. Here is a look at boyhood in the past.

What Six Months Of No Drinking Did To My Sex Life

Jordan Gray says that his six month break from drinking was the best thing he could have ever done for his libido, sexual performance, and overall sense of integrity.

Why You Can’t Find an Awesome, Sexy Woman to Love—Advice for Men

Kathryn Hogan shares a secret: pursuing a limited ‘type’ of woman is sabotaging your chance at real love.

Looking For The Perfect Woman? Or Man? Well, Just Stop It.

There are people out there who will just get you and just accept you, just the way that you are. Sometimes you don’t need fixing, you need accepting.

A Tough Dad Lays Out the 4 Most Important Foundations for His Kids

A dad who has successfully raised his three sons outlines the four criteria he feels are important for a young person to be successful in life. Here they are.

There Are No Good Ones Left

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the idea that all of the good ones are taken… because they aren’t.

Are Your Standards Too High?

Jordan Gray says that there is a massive difference between healthy standards and being overly picky.

A Gentleman’s Take on Celebrity Overexposure

Scott Sonnon on the standards of being a man and respecting women.

The Biggest Turn Off She Will Never Tell You

Your desperation and low standards for sex is one of the biggest turn offs for her.

Keith asks, “Is the casual sex marketplace heavily biased against men?”

This is a comment by Keith, John, and John D on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

“Most people have to break hearts and have broken hearts to find a relationship that lasts.”

This is a comment by Jimbo on the post “Let’s Assume I’m a Virgin”.

Normal for Now

Our beliefs and values surrounding concepts like family, childhood, and masculinity, are products of our time and culture.