The Five Greatest Beards That Never Were

beard collage

Dewaine Farria on the greatest thing a guy can do with his face.

Dad Takes Toddler on Adventures Like No Other (Photos)

We were very proud of Lily for helping to blow up the Death Star. It’s a bit weird they gave her a toy instead of a medal, but that’s cool.

Thanks to Dan Gallagher’s sense of humor and ingenuity, his first-born daughter, Lily, has shared the screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest names—all before she’s out of diapers.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Leaves Me Feeling Bi-Polar

frozen poster

Two Cort Ruddys debate his/their feelings on Disney’s recent smash.

The Blackslide:The Golden Age of Blacks on Television


Alex Yarde thinks resting upon our laurels cost us progress for blacks in television.

Life with a Famous Father


Tessa Auberjonois on growing up a VIP wallflower.

The Man Who Loves Minivans. And the Veterans Who Needed One.

Toyota 100 Cars for Good showroom

Proud minivan driver William Lucas Walker tips his hat at an organization that is helping veterans with the Toyota Sienna they won in the 100 Cars for Good campaign.

I Don’t Want to Keep Up With The Kardashians

Old TV

Alex Yarde remembers sitting down as a family to watch TV together, and thinks about the ways in which entertainment has changed over the years – for better and for worse.

One Man’s Trek Through Male Friendship

Star Trek and Male Friendship Brian Shea

“I have been and always shall be your friend.” A line iconic in the Star Trek universe, and envied among us men, writes Brian Shea.

The Boy Who Was Really Good at Kindergarten

The Boy Who Was Really Good at Kindergarten photo by wwworks

Veronica Grace has a son who thinks that “Love is more interesting than Star Trek”. He is a genius about the things that count.

For The Love Of God, Please Stop Saying “Bromance”


Kate Conway explains how the “bromance” label implies that the deepest emotional connection a straight guy can form with someone else is to date them.

“People throw around ‘nerd’ like it’s a new subculture, but I am happy kids whose lives would have been terrible before are doing well now.”


Brendan says that when he was asked about Star Trek trivia about the new movie, that he had been preparing for that moment his whole life.

The Friend Zone: It’s Not Just for Men

young blonde woman in crowd

The Friend Zone exists, and it’s not just something women do to men, Neil Sheppard reports. “I know, because I’ve done it.”

Make My Funk The Steamfunk, I Want My Funk Uncut: Steamfunk As Social Commentary


Steamfunk is a subgenre of Steampunk, which is a child of Cyberpunk – a subgenre of science fiction in which the future is one in which society is largely controlled by computers, at the expense of freedom, peace and social order.

When You Should Expose Your Kids to Star Wars

Star Wars Kids

Dads weigh in on the ideal time to expose your kids to Star Wars, Star Trek, and how

What If My Son Doesn’t Like Star Wars?


Neil Sheppard explains to his wife that there’s more to Star Wars than light saber duels.

Cats are Evil and I Hate Them

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.37.15 AM

When Jeremy Feist moved in with his partner, he knew he’d have to get used to living with a cat. He just didn’t realize that cats were truly this terrible.