A Dad’s Horror at Finding Out His Son Became a Borg

David Davis obviously never heard the Borg mantra “Resistance is futile.” So he is resisting and trying to free his son from the Borg that is technology. He wants you too as well, starting with wearing a gray ribbon

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James Halcomb remembers the acting legend.

Why I’m Not Excited About The New Star Wars Movies

Noah Brand grew up in 1990s Star Wars fandom, and was there the day it died. Like most geeks, I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Star Wars movies for a while. People opining one way or the other about casting announcements, plot leaks, the teaser trailer, whether the new sequels will be wonderful […]

How I Discovered the Secret Ingredient to Being a Good Man by Watching Doctor Who

“To love radically and wholly, invested fully in something that is not the self, creates a greater thing than the ego could ever imagine,” writes science fiction fan N.C. Harrison.

George Takei: “It Got Better!”

George Takei’s social media posts are almost guaranteed instant viral status, now he let’s his fans know where his strength came from.

Rising to the Challenge…with Kettlebells

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A Challenge for Men: To Love and Not Destroy

Many men are torn apart psychically because they are not in touch with their gentler emotions, writes N.C. Harrison.

The Five Greatest Beards That Never Were

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Dad Takes Toddler on Adventures Like No Other (Photos)

Thanks to Dan Gallagher’s sense of humor and ingenuity, his first-born daughter, Lily, has shared the screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest names—all before she’s out of diapers.

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Two Cort Ruddys debate his/their feelings on Disney’s recent smash.

The Blackslide:The Golden Age of Blacks on Television

Alex Yarde thinks resting upon our laurels cost us progress for blacks in television.

Life with a Famous Father

Tessa Auberjonois on growing up a VIP wallflower.

The Man Who Loves Minivans. And the Veterans Who Needed One.

Proud minivan driver William Lucas Walker tips his hat at an organization that is helping veterans with the Toyota Sienna they won in the 100 Cars for Good campaign.