David Bublitz recalls a letter from his soldier father and what the night sky brought him.

Stargazing with Kristen


Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Explore the 100,000 Stars Closest to Us with This Awesome Interactive Site (Link)


100,000 Stars gives users a chance to explore through the stellar neighborhood in one beautiful and interactive site.

What Should We Be Thankful For?


How do we remember who we are in this modern world? In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Black Friday strikes, adoption rears its lonesome head, and yet Matt takes a moment in all the noise to give thanks.

When Black Holes Get Hungry They Reach for the Stars

black hole

Proving exactly why they matter, NASA released a new video, showing exactly what happens when a black hole eats a star. Wait, what?

To Venus or the Sun

To Venus or the Sun   You have driven me To my pair of once-optimistic knees, Once full of faith for you— Knees which still believe in God, Who floats like the mist Next to the Hyatt building across the street— And I waited for you With my solitary pipe like a character in “Godot.” […]

News: Word on the Tweets from July 3, 2011

When It’s Komplicated’s producer, Hannibal Tabu, contacted the actor on Twitter, he had this to say, “There’s a lot to look forward to. GL2 & JL, no need to dwell on that.” The actor has confirmed that he is signed for a Justice League movie, also. That’s the business!

The 10 at 10


March 3 roundup: Tweeting doctors, the placebo effect, and the Red Cross on Charlie Sheen.