Human Trafficking In South Africa: An Elusive Statistical Nightmare

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Due to the lack of reliable statistics surrounding human trafficking, there is no real scope of how large the problem really is, making it more difficult to police.

Under the Microscope: Beliefs and Skewed Views of Immigrants and Crime Rates


Brittni Brown feels the negative association with immigrants and beliefs of many US citizens in relation to crime rates aren’t founded on solidarity.

A Divorce Habit From the Middle Ages Continues


January tends to be chock full of Divorces. Frederik Pedersen tells us why.

Sports and Math Collide at Yale and UConn: Upset Loss to Yale Spawns Complex Math Test

Yale- Uconn

Remember when an upset win was relished by the entire student body? Mike Kasdan is sad to report that at Yale that may no longer be the case: “Thanks a lot Professor Chen!”

Statistics Don’t Define Me: A Poem


Rob Azevedo offers a poetic view on statistics and things he’s done that don’t define him as a man.

The Patterns In Mass Shootings and a Conversation About Men

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A look at the patterns in the 71 mass shootings over the last 32 years and how they intersect with the social pressures of masculinity.

Do Age Restrictions on Video Games Need to Change?


Tom Hunt discusses the health factors involving heavily violent video games, and asks the question: at what age (or at any age) is this kind of media appropriate?

The Ick Factor: Who Does the Dirty Work?

Honey! I might need some help here.

Steven Lake examines how we define the sh*t jobs around the house and who does the clean up.

Crunching The Numbers On Sexist Microaggressions


The Petrie Multiplier is the simple mathematical model that explains why gender-imbalanced communities are always going to be unpleasant for someone.

The World as 100 People (Infographic)

The World as 100 People, gender, race, religion, statistics, unity, infograph,

Take a look at how many people have enough drinking water or how many know how to read in this stylish infographic.

Jon Hotchkiss Does Actual Research On Guns


On a topic dominated by myths, one journalist set out in search of definite facts.

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse


For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore


More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.

The Hidden Stress We’re Afraid to Address


Are you sick of everyone? As the population grows, so do the stressors on the earth and one another.

“Society glorifies the death of boys and men, especially if done by violent means.”


These are comments by on the post “Why Are Men Four Times More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Women?”

Why Are Men Four Times More Likely to Kill Themselves Than Women?


Keeping your problems to yourself can make them seem worse.