What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

Brent Brookhouse joined an online stay-at-home-dad group for discussion and support, instead found a faction of fathers who railed against the stereotyping of men, while marginalizing and harassing women.

Why Do Stay At Home Dads Have More Affairs? It’s Not Why You Think

SAHD affairs

Relationship strategist Sue Nador says that when the dishes pile up so do the resentments, and she offers some ideas for avoiding that trap.

How Even the U.S. Census Underestimates Stay-at-Home Dads

How Even the U.S. Census Underestimates Stay-at-Home Dads

Cort Ruddy argues that the recent census estimate of the number of stay-at-home dads in the United States doesn’t tell the whole story.

Gender Neutral Civility? Just Another Excuse.


As long as we think that gender equality comes from not recognizing gender, things will never change.

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes


Does the stereotypical man exist?

Of Babies and Men: A Stay-at-Home Dad Reflects on Stewart Friedman’s Baby Bust


Vincent O’Keefe’s daughter said to him, “Dad, I think you wanted boys instead of girls.” Here are his reflections.

I Used to Think it was a Man’s World and Then I Became a Dad

A Dad and Pram Baby

UK Daddy Blogger John Adams says he’s celebrating International Men’s Day this year, something he wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before he experienced fatherhood.

The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men’s Lives is a Killer


Mark Greene explores how in American culture, men avoid all contact rather than risk even the hint of causing unwanted sexual touch.

A Month of Thankfulness: My Son, Jacob

baby hand

Throughout the month of November, we bring you one thing our writers and editors are grateful for every single day. Today, Dan Coxon is grateful to be an at-home dad.

I Dare You to Define Normal: The Parenting Times, They Are a-Changin’

photo by freewine

JJ Vincent looks at families these days, and all he sees are totally new kinds of normal.

“To Invent Your Own Life’s Meaning Is Not Easy” – Advice From Bill Watterson, Drawn By Zen Pencils

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.19.15 PM

Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes, offers men some of the most important advice about life you’ll ever hear, made into a comic by Zen Pencils.

Four Ways Great Dads Are Discriminated Against and What We Can Do About It


Could equal rights for fathers be the key to helping more mums and dads to have it all?

Is Autonomy the New Money?

egalitarian marriages, celebrity marriages, how to make marriage work, two career marriages, flexibility, manhood

What does Jay-Z offer Beyoncé that men can offer the women they hope to marry?

Don’t Call Me Mr. Mom


On May Day or any other day, Dan Coxon reminds us that parenting isn’t an alternative to work: it is work.

Helping My Wife Lean In

fathers and daughters, family values, career family balance, two career families, parenthood, marriage, The Good Life, Scott Behson

Scott Behson takes his own advice for two-career families.

“As a stay-at-home dad, I can’t measure what I gained, but it was the most important job I ever imagined. Tough as hell, incredibly delightful.”


What do you love about parenthood? Paul and Pam share their thoughts about why everyone should be able to choose to stay at home or not, and why they love the choices that they made.