The Threat of HPV to Men’s Health

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Why We Must Move Beyond Condoms and into Cultures of Desire

“Messages that focus solely on condom use do not engage with the psychological and social issues that inflame people’s desires to engage in risk-taking behaviour,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

Help Support Real Sex Education

The internet’s best sex information resource for teenagers needs your help.

The Reluctant Intactivist

Kenny Neal Shults wants to take “An un-serious look at a the serious subject of why we circumcise our kids with two short comic films that poke fun at American secular circumcision.”

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Chicago is shocking the world with its 2013 teen pregnancy prevention campaign, which features pregnant teenage boys.

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Teachers Forced to Out Gay Students? Tennessee’s New “Classroom Protection Act” Proposed

Senator Campfield says, “the new version is completely different, and gets rid of some of the old perceptions” about the “don’t say gay” legislation.