The Unexpected Struggle of Being an Ex-Step-Dad

Shadley Grei always knew he’d be a father, but wasn’t prepared for the particular heartbreak that comes with being an ex-stepfather

Supporting My Real Family

Stepfather Kieron Casey wonders what it means to be a “real” father.

Mixed and Step Families: 12/1

Detonate the myth of the ‘normal’ family unit.

Familial Diplomacy

Ron Mattocks navigates the minefield of co-parenting, and having stepchildren.

The Reading Parent

The kids would pound on their tables and chanting “fresh meat, fresh meat” until their voices reached a frenzied crescendo of unintelligible whooping and howling.

Digging A Hole

Living nearly 1,300 miles apart for past several years has often been miserable.

Spittin’ Image

Disregard the fact that I don’t have a crew cut, and that my real hair is not six inches off my ears. Focus instead at the very, very top of my hair.