Parents Tell Stepparents What They Really Think

Parents and stepparents from a blended family come together and express their true feelings about each other and the roles they play in their children’s lives.

Being a Dad is Being There Through It All

Shanna Anderson has been blessed to have a life filled with men who didn’t have to be there.

Blending a Family is About More Than Pronouns

Christine Benvenuto knows that “his, mine, and ours” doesn’t cover it. She checks her “mama privilege” and shares her story of blending a family.

A Father Leaves, and a Dad Steps In

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On Making Amends and Finding Gratitude

There are many paths to gratitude. Matt Clapper’s led him through a series of amends, and he is the better for it.

Supporting My Real Family

Stepfather Kieron Casey wonders what it means to be a “real” father.