Why Moms Need to Support Stepdads in Bonding With Their Sons


Rachel Miller-Bradshaw shares the importance of ensuring that a child feels loved and acknowledged by his new stepfather.

The Unexpected Struggle of Being an Ex-Step-Dad

The Unexpected Struggle of Being an Ex-Step-Dad

Shadley Grei always knew he’d be a father, but wasn’t prepared for the particular heartbreak that comes with being an ex-stepfather

100 Words on Love: These Four Children


I give them all I can, and it buoys me endlessly.

5 Lessons in Masculinity From My Feminist Stepfather

Photo: Flickr/ Kwanie

Sara’s Stepfather defied stereotypes and taught her that “real men” don’t necessarily look and behave like media shows us they do.

Ushering a New Life as a StepMom


As Kim Cottrell guides her father into his new life, she also examines how stepfamilies step into their new lives.

The Men Who Made Me Who I Am

stepfathers, Doug Ziegler, Good Men Project, fatherhood

Doug Ziegler credits who he is, as a man and a father, to both his father and his stepfather. Now he’s committed to being the best dad and stepdad he can be.

Seven and Seven

male virgins, teen drinking, My First Drink, Paul Schneider, The Good Life

Even his mother knew he was hiding who he was behind that hair, but Paul Schneider was running, too.

Batter Up


My girlfriend’s 15 year old kid had played a year of Little League and hadn’t picked up a bat or glove since. This was an opportunity for us to bond, but the odds were stacked against us.

Enough Is Enough: Confronting Domestic Abuse


Ryan Bye and his family’s experience with domestic violence.

We Are Not Islands


When Ryan Bradley was suicidal, he thought he was alone. He was wrong.

Mixed and Step Families: 12/1


Detonate the myth of the ‘normal’ family unit.

Teach Your Parents Well


Mark Sherman always thought he had been a great dad, until his son had the courage to enlighten him, and to give him a second chance.