31 Reasons to Join The Good Men Project Premium Member Community

Why what we are doing here is so important.

Loosing Your Virginity and All the Crap About It

People lose their sexual virginity and there is nothing spectacular about that, but we can still find a lot of stereotypical crap about something that is perfectly normal.

The Words Don’t Always Define the Man

Are you too quick to make assumptions?

Destigmatizing Eating Disorders in Men and Boys

Why men aren’t the focus of our conversation about eating disorders, but should be.

Changing a Label: Schizophrenia

For Steve Colori, the labels that accompany his schizoaffective disorder don’t just bring struggle and pain. They make him a new man.

What Your Wife’s Decision About Her Last Name Really Means

What’s the difference between a woman who keeps her maiden name and one who takes her husbands?

We Eat Stereotypes For Lunch Around Here

Join The Good Men Project community. It’s the conversation no one else is having. Even after all these years.

Capes and Tiaras: What You’re Really Teaching Your Children with Gendered Toys & Stories

The princess/superhero culture does more harm to your kids than you think.

Inside the Wall of Stereotypes: Listening to the Voice of the Disabled

How can the collective voice of the disabled break down society’s wall of stereotypes? Erin Kelly offers a few thoughts.

A Step Towards an Anti-Racist and Anti-Homophobic Allyship

Is the idea of ‘heteroflexibility’ as a way to be more accepting of fluid masculine sexuality doing more harm than good for LGBTQ identities?

How My Son’s Act of Defiance Taught Me Even Good Men Get Tattoos

We tend to learn our biases from our parents, but children can help open our eyes.

Many Oppose Gay Marriage Because Of All The Wild Gay Sex They Can’t Stop Picturing, UCLA Study Finds

Why are straight people always picturing gay couples having sex?

Are Male and Female Brains Really Different?

Do science and the stereotypes agree?

Bias from Multiple Angles: An Idea Called Intersectionality

Bias comes in many different forms, and it doesn’t always add up the way we expect.

Call for Submissions: Busting Stereotypes About Money

How has the perception of “the breadwinner” changed?

Express Yourself to Success with Mental Toughness

Five easy ways to help your mind keep you motivated and achieve your goals.