10 Stereotypes to Stop Spreading About Men

macho macho man

The things that we say about each other can truly be damaging, especially if we keep perpetuating gender stereotypes. James Michael Sama reminds us that not all men are the same.

Beyond Pink and Blue: How Our Kids are Redefining Gender


Alison Krupnick shares the growing awareness of young people who are not conforming to the stereotypes of boy, girl, pink, blue.

A Shockingly Simple Way to Stop Stereotyping Men

A Shockingly Simple Way by Jesse757

Stereotypes are damaging to both men and women. Thomas Fiffer offers a simple way to stop, reframe, and rethink some of the assumptions we make about men. And it works the other way, too.

5 Ways to Be Less Racist

Boston Herald

Recent news stories that show us exactly what NOT to do if we’re trying to be less racist.

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About What It Means To Be A Man


Let’s get down to business: I wish I’d known some of these things a long time ago.

Vice President Steps into the Stereotype Muck

shylock  BenedictFrancis:Flickr

The stereotype of the callous Jewish moneylender pops its head out of the Vice President’s mouth.

Sizing Up Men’s Body Image

male body image

David Reitan realizes that evaluating your body’s worth against that of a total stranger is a silly, unproductive thing to do. Yet he does it anyway—along with a lot of other men.

Father Figure—Zun Lee’s Exploration of Black Fatherhood

Father Figure by Zun Lee

Abandoned by his own father before birth, Zun Lee is out to bust the stereotypes of black fatherhood by showing us a different picture.

What Stereotype About Men Do We Most Need to Bust?


The GMP Editors were asked and they answered. What do you think?

Why I Practice Conscious Masculinity


Michael Burnstein is here to discover and tell his story, and support you on your journey toward the Conscious Masculine.

What Do Beer, Football, and Star Wars Have in Common?

beer football starwars top

Football season is here, which means beer season is here. And it’s always Star Wars season. So what’s missing?

Breaking Down the “Fake Geek Girl” Myth [video]


Screening and judging which women are and are not true geeks is the dumbest thing geek-kind has ever embraced.

These Are The Stories That Change Everything

Stephen Sheffield Projects 25

Together, our community is changing the cultural narrative about men today.

Why You Might Need Your Clutter


“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” -A. Einstein

Stuff We Gay Guys Wish You Wouldn’t Say

say to gay men

This video of stuff women (and not just women) say to gay men is still just a little too right on. So stop. Please.

Struggling with “Twink” Envy

twink envy  Guillaume Paumier

As a young gay man, Glenn Garner struggled with the unrealistic body ideals that pop culture, gay and straight, said were “right” for guys like him.