Can a Commercial Make You More _____?

Chevy, truck, commercial, advertisement

Chevrolet’s “focus group” is a truckin’ flatbed of societal male stereotypes.

The 6 Types of Guy Friends You Have [video]


Do you know these guys? Are you one of them?

5 Surprising Ways Men Can Be More Confident in Relationships


Steve Errey advises men to drop the pretense you know everything and start acknowledging your imperfections and vulnerability.

Gay Men and Monogamy: An Impossible Combination?


Michael Radkowsky responds to the question, “Can two gay men really have a monogamous relationship?”

If People Were Honest on Their Dating Profiles


Honesty is the best policy, right? Right?

Attention Writers: We Want More Great Sex … and Relationships Content

S&R call for submissions

Call for Submissions: Love, Sex, and Relationships

Stock Photos: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Women

thinkstock (2)

According to Thinkstock, when women are ready to fish, there’s a certain stance they like to take in their waders. A spread-eagle one.

Mr. Football Guy, Meet Mr. Oscars


David Toussaint is tired of being cornered by That Football Guy. Next time it happens, he’s turning into That Oscars Guy.

Rome’s Forgotten Empress : The Strange Reign of Emporer Elagabalus


History has its share of powerful men who flouted tradition. Elagabalus went further than most.

How My Friend Came Out To Me


LeRon Barton reflects on homeboys, hip-hop, and homosexuality in the hood.

If You’re Going to Be a Hero, What Do You Want to Be a Hero For?


Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and deeds. What kind of hero would you be?

Call for Submissions: Gay, Bisexual, Asexual Men

submissions-gay bi asexual

We want the voices of gay, bisexual, and asexual men to be part of the conversation.*

“I have promised myself to explore and express being human more this year. “


Comment of the Day: A reader responds to an article about locking oneself into gender roles.

How Gender Role Rigidity Holds Us Back from Deeper Love


Does our fear of breaking gender taboos keep us from being fully open in our relationships?

Instructions for Christmas Shopping for Your Wife, circa 1950s

shopping list

Gift shopping is a little different than it used to be. Don’t believe it? Check out these vintage ads.

No, My 10-Year-Old Son Isn’t Looking for a Girlfriend. He Likes Boys.


People assume a 10-year-old boy in a Zumba class is after one thing. So why are they so shocked when he’s not?