Here’s the Bad News, Son

Steve Almond’s reflections on having a baby boy, after a lifetime of trying to deal with aggression.

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The Hero in Each of Us

There comes a moment when our very manhood is up for grabs.

What We Remember Of The Old Country

Steve Almond tells a story of corporate and political greed, as seen through the eyes of a hotel maintenance worker.

Getting Off: Can We Talk Porn?

I asked men and women, from Terry Real to Amy Alkon, to get honest about porn. Here’s what they said.

Steve Almond: A Decade of Magical Thinking. Excerpt from The Rumpus

“One of the duties of the artist – not the only duty, but a central one – is to impel people to imagine the complexity of thought and feeling inside another person.”

GMP Contributors Reading in Boston on September 16

On Friday, Jeremy Adam Smith, Steve Almond, and Tomas Moniz will be reading in Cambridge.

Book Excerpt: Here’s the Bad News, Son

Why would a man hope for a daughter over a son? Steve Almond answers that question in this week’s installment of the GMP book excerpt series

Are Men Inherently Violent?

Is fighting an essential ingredient in manhood? Is violence a part of who we are? Guys weigh in.

The Problem with Steve Almond Wearing Makeup

On Friday, rock critic and Good Men Project contributor Steve Almond wrote a piece for Salon in which he admitted to using concealer to cover the dark circles under his eyes: Here’s a confession I’ll probably regret: I recently used my wife’s concealer to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. I was slated […]

Toto, Defended

A knowledgeable reader sets the editors straight on the question of Toto’s suckiness.

Getting Off

Tom Matlack talked to men and women all across the country about pornography. Are you ready for what they said?

Steve Almond Dissects Toto

“Africa” is one of music fans’ guiltiest pleasures. Rock critic Steve Almond courageously breaks it down.