My Life In Pictures

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Steve Jaeger shares a comical documentation of his life.

Conversations With My Cat

Conversations With My Cat

After a near deadly cat fight between Steve Jaeger’s Himalayan cat and a pit bull, the cat has something to say to Steve.

Ten Things I Learned Working in Restaurants


Here are a few things Steve Jaeger took away from the food industry.

Twelve Things Americans Should Know

men and flags

Steve Jaeger’s list.

Boys and Girls, I Have Terrible News…


Steve Jaeger remembers the day that John F. Kennedy died. Where were you?

Into The Valley of Nod


Steve Jaeger, with a chilling work of fiction about a forgotten way to go MIA in a war.

Watching History Unfold Through ‘Mad Men’


The most recent episode of Mad Men reminded Steve Jaeger of what it was like in America when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

A Professional Chef’s 5 Favorite Cookbooks


Here are five great cookbooks with tons of doable recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving.

A Man’s Guide to Childbirth


While supporting the mother of your child during pregnancy and childbirth, Steve Jaeger writes, don’t forget to be patient and just get out of the way.