Steve Jobs: His Top 10 Rules For Success

He’s considered the “Father of the Digital Revolution,” and here are his principles for living an incredible life.

Who is the Hero In Your Story?

Great leaders and businesses have a story to tell. The best understand who the hero should be.

Understanding Leadership Styles: Infographic

The 5 Leadership styles are made clear and easy to understand.

Act Two Begins When You Say So

Don’t believe everyone is capable of a second act? Don’t tell Ken Goldstein.

The Problem With ‘Steve Jobs’

View image | Ira Israel on the truth behind the man who was Steve Jobs, and the problem with the movie portrayal of him. ___ “…my opinion is that it’s certainly best to separate an artist far enough from his work, so that one does not take him with the same seriousness as one […]

The Courage To Learn

Most of people don’t do this. Most people don’t view struggle—and even failure—as instructive. Most people don’t demonstrate the resilience to hang in through tough times this way or the openness to say, “That didn’t work—what can I learn about myself?”

Get a Job or Follow Your Passion?

Will you miss opportunity’s knock by chasing your passion?

Grow Younger: What We Can All Learn From Our Childhood Selves

Maybe success lies in laughing more, playing more, and worrying less.

Dance With The Dark Side

Sometimes the most beautiful things in art and business come from the darkest places.

Dreaming And Doing

How to sustain dreams simply: through listening.

How Going First Changes Everything In Your Relationships

Ben Altman says that you will never truly connect with someone if you’re too busy protecting yourself to take a chance.

Lasting Happiness Happens When You Live From Your Gut

When Chuck Chapman finally started listening to himself, he finally started being happy.

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Will Leo’s latest spin as a rich white guy finally land him a golden statue?

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Ken Goldstein looks at trust, brand loyalty and Apple.

Steve Jobs Reflects on Re-Shaping the World (Video)

Steve Jobs’ philosophy of life.

The Parable of the Cold Burrito

Ken Goldstein explains how doing the job no one else wants to touch can be turned into your golden opportunity.