Dance With The Dark Side


Sometimes the most beautiful things in art and business come from the darkest places.

Dreaming And Doing


How to sustain dreams simply: through listening.

How Going First Changes Everything In Your Relationships

Man and Woman Couple Laughing In Romantic Embrace On Beach

Ben Altman says that you will never truly connect with someone if you’re too busy protecting yourself to take a chance.

Lasting Happiness Happens When You Live From Your Gut

Lasting Happiness by Jonathan Powell

When Chuck Chapman finally started listening to himself, he finally started being happy.

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Land His Oscar if He Stars in the Steve Jobs Biopic?


Will Leo’s latest spin as a rich white guy finally land him a golden statue?

How Fragile Is a Brand?

Apple the brand photo by marclehmann

Ken Goldstein looks at trust, brand loyalty and Apple.

Steve Jobs Reflects on Re-Shaping the World (Video)

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ philosophy of life.

The Parable of the Cold Burrito

photo by varin tsai

Ken Goldstein explains how doing the job no one else wants to touch can be turned into your golden opportunity.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


Harris O’Malley challenges the notion that there is an epidemic of man-children in society today.

First, Let’s Kill All the Blue Screens


It could be me on my annual New Year’s rant against the electronic world getting all 19th century on your ass. But I don’t think so.

Letter to My New Grandson


Paul Sloane tells his grandson the meaning of life, in 2100 and beyond.

Communicating a Need


While some ideas drown in noise, 1BlueString is bringing the voices of the 1in6 men that have been sexually abused to the surface.

10 Movies That Will Absolutely, Positively Make a Make Man Cry (A List of Mostly Lists)


In his latest tongue-in-cheek post, Ryan Björklund offers suggestions for click-worthy Good Men Project articles that will never, ever be written.

Don’t Fear the Fad


Just because something is a fad does not necessarily make it a bad investment.

The Male Straitjacket


Mark Radcliffe tears up the myth of male independence.

Facebook IPO Shows What is Wrong with U.S.


Maybe Markie should have taken off his hoodie (we know really bad shit happens to guys of any race in those things) and put on a suit like every other adult in the room.