The One That Got Away, Part Two: Scenes From a Divorce #11

As Steve Axelrod relives one of the most romantic moments in his life, he falls in love once more with the one that got away.

Hope and Ultimatums: Scenes From a Divorce #9

Steven Axelrod continues his painful quest to understand dating after divorce.

Joining the Club: Scenes From a Divorce #8

Steve Axelrod reminisces on his lost love and realizes he’s not alone as he thought he was. He just wishes he enjoyed the company.

The Women Problem, Post-Divorce: Scenes from a Divorce #4

Steven Axelrod thought that dating after he divorced would be the easy part. After all, woman had been flirting with him for years. It wasn’t until he was single again that he figured out why.

The Tell-Tale Wedding Ring: Scenes from a Divorce #3

After his divorce, Steve Axelrod just wants to get rid of a wedding ring that he never much wanted anyway. But in exchange, he receives information he didn’t really want to know.

It’s Finally Over. Why Am I So Surprised?: Scenes From a Divorce, Part 1

Steven Axelrod, with part one of a seven part series from the front lines of modern divorce.

In Praise of Tom Cruise

Steven Axelrod sees Tom Cruise, today’s action hero. A man who does his own stunts and performs so he’s worth the price of admission. Nothing else should matter.

Exercising a Mind-Body Connection

Steven Axelrod discusses fitness after fifty and finding the perfect distraction.

America’s Dream Wave

In the endless ocean of hope and dreams, Steven Axelrod rides the wave of American eagerness.

The Long Arm of the Social Law

Steven Axelrod reflects on human connection, as it exists from Nantucket to Los Angeles.

My Tale of Two Cities

Steven Axelrod remembers living on both sides of the social spectrum and following his dreams to Los Angeles.

Parenting Advice You Won’t Find in a Book

Steven Axelrod shares his experiences as a father and the lessons not found in parenting manuals.

She Called for Me, Not Her Mom

Unlike his father, Steven Axelrod turned away from Hollywood and back toward his family—and found joy.

My Problem With Rich People

Steven Axelrod notices that greed, guilt, and mendacity largely mark the Nantucket elite, and he is equally terrified and curious at the prospect of joining them.

Flying Weather

After a love affair that fizzled and popped like a bubble, Steven Axelrod wonders what went wrong.

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All Men Should Watch ‘Project Runway’

Despite its reputation among men, “Project Runway” offers an admirable display that all audiences can benefit from, Steven Axelrod writes.