How To Get More Men Using Condoms — Put The Pleasure Back Into Sex

Putting pleasure and excitement at the heart of our discussions with young men provides us with a coherent, inclusive and meaningful starting point from which to talk about sex.

Scientist Puts Love Life Out on a Limb

…Or did he put his love limb out of life?

New Report Indicates Condom Sex is Just as Good as Without

A new report could blow the old condom vs. natural debate open for good.

Vow to Educate Yourself on World AIDS Day

Commemorate World AIDS Day by learning how HIV is spread, and protecting yourself.

Beware: Super-Gonorrhea On The Rise

It spreads in ways you don’t expect and antibiotics don’t kill it. What you need to know.

Good News! Scientists Confirm HPV Vaccine Won’t Turn Teens Into Sluts

Brendan O’Connor cites a new study about the vaccine against the STI that can cause cervical and penile cancer.

British Columbia Will End The Spread of HIV/AIDS! (In British Columbia)

“Obviously, the people in more high risk situations should be tested more often, but everybody should be tested.”

Is Porn the Best Sex-Ed Teacher?

Until we address the problems in the classroom, students will continue to learn more about sex from porn than from their teachers.