5 Things People With Depression Can do to Stop Being Stigmatised

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In today’s mental health climate, there is arguably no hotter topic than stigma.

Coming Out Is More than Saying ‘I’m Gay’

Should being different matter?

Dillan DiGiovanni reminds us that coming out is a lot more complicated than saying a few words about yourself.

To Recover From a Mental Illness, Sometimes You Have to do What You Least Feel Like Doing

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Danny Baker knows recovering from a mental illness is hard work, but it is possible. He’s living proof that it can be done.

13 Myths Surrounding Mental Illness

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From the belief that mental illness doesn’t exist to being able to just “get over it,” Danny Baker lists 13 myths surrounding mental illness that can hinder recovery.

Seven Reasons Why We Need to Eliminate the Mental Health Stigma

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Danny Baker points out how the stigma surrounding those who suffer from mental illness can cause significant damage to the recovery process.

Problems? Me? Nope, just fine, thanks.


JJ Vincent knows men have mental health issues. So why aren’t they talking about them?

22 Veterans Will Kill Themselves Today


War veteran believes “There’s probably a tidal wave of suicides coming.”

Living With Agoraphobia


Nathan Daniels has a reason to avoid places where he might feel trapped. But he also has a reason to want to change.

And Boys Too: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys in the US


Highlights from ECPAT-USA’s paper about the forgotten many: sexually exploited boys

Sexual Violence Against Boys & Men in Conflict Settings: The Men of Peace, Hope and Courage.


Alastair Hilton on his work with male survivors of sexual abuse and violence.

Should You Tell Your Girlfriend, Wife, Partner, Family and Friends that You’re Suffering with Mental Illness?


Andy Behrman knows firsthand that for men, there are few things more taboo than admitting to mental illness.

Is Addiction a Choice?

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Cameron Brown wants us to look at how addicts — and their family and friends — look at the word ‘choice’.

Mariel Hemingway’s New Documentary: Running From Crazy


Kevin DeSoto talks about his experiences working with Mariel Hemingway, and her groundbreaking film about mental illness.

Why Did Freddy E Do It? Black Men and Suicide


Why Black men are killing themselves, warning signs, and what to do if you’re worried about someone.

Bushmaster and the Cult of Masculinity


Men have some catching up to do with women, in shedding the stigma of gender nonconformity.

Preparation to Die


What does a psychologist do when despair leads to suicidal thoughts?