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Work out your sh*t like you work out your body and watch unemployment, divorce and suicide rates plummet.

Why I’ll Teach My Son That, Sometimes, Marriage is Worse Than Divorce

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How to Remove the Stigma of ‘Failure’ From Divorce

You’ve grown up, and the constraints are clear. You would not dress a child in the same pants and shirt year after year. So it is with relationships: if they remain the same shape and size, after a time, they just don’t fit.

I Used to Hurt Myself to Feel Better

Brian Cuban explains the complex dynamic of self-harm to break through the shame.

The Epidemic of Burnout, Depression and Suicide in Medicine: One Doctor’s Story

Unless we can create safe space to seek help without fear of reprisal, nothing is going to change. It is with this goal in mind that I decided to share my story.

James Holmes Trial Puts Sanity on the Stand

Jurors will likely be presented with conflicting notions of sanity and insanity. And they will be forced to confront widely held cultural assumptions about mental illness and violence.

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