How To Handle Your Inconvenient Emotions

Your emotions can work for you instead of against you, but you have to know what to do with them.

3 Elements That Terrorize People, Including Men

There are three elements that create the perfect monster for humans, according to a fictional Japanese character. But what if we took a step back and applied this list to fear itself? What might we have to learn about ourselves and our fears in the process?

The Man Cold

As cold and flu season arrives, Anna Rosenblum Palmer ponders the cause of and cure for that nasty “man-cold.”

Who is the Modern Man?

The New York Times tried to define him and failed. John Glass is trying now. Should we be defining him? Isn’t it up to men to define themselves?

Cowards Don’t Cry

Screw the cultural cowardice you’ve been fed. Cry if you feel like crying.

The Spicy Pleasures of Stoic Practice

The spicy pleasures of Stoicism are a lot like the pleasures people derive from skydiving and bungee-jumping. We’re dealing, here, with the thrill of the near-death experience. ––– We’re very good at being philosophical about other people’s losses. For instance, we find it easy to calmly remark “Well, you know, these things happen” when we learn that our […]

3 Reasons Men React To Break-Ups Differently Than Women

Chris Armstrong explains why men seem to be less emotional than women about breakups.

The Man Secret

Thomas Fiffer reveals the secret that most men won’t admit to their partners.

Redefining the Strong Man

For men to be whole, the image of the strong man must change.

The Sound of Boys Breaking

Allan Ishac explores the physical tension and need for connection in the man-boy relationship.

My Self-Righteous Inner Accountant

The things we do echo in other peoples lives, and it adds up.

How Stoicism Let Me Be Vulnerable

Despite what you may think, Stoicism depends upon profound emotional intelligence, an is a great way for men to learn and grow. Jules Evans tells his story.

How to Live Like An Emperor (or a Marketer) For A Day

What do Tim Ferriss and Emperor Marcus Aurelius have in common? Graham Scott has the answer: Stoicism.

“When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.”

Great article, Aaron. I LOVE the last two sentences. As we’ve talked about, with many men it takes a gut wrenching, 2×4 club to the stomach sort of epiphany to want to talk. When my clients reach this point of pain, hunger, or fear…they finally call. When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the flood gates open. Sometimes it’s way too late. Even then it doesn’t matter. He needs to work on being better at his NEXT relationship.
Then he has to decide if he actually going to DO anything different. If nothing changes – nothing changes.
Title: When a guy finds a safe place to talk without judgment, the floodgates open.

We’re Men. We Don’t Talk About Our Feelings.

Aaron Anderson describes how overcoming the stereotype of the silent stoic could help men take responsibility for their relationships.

Sometimes, Not Crying Is A Strength All Its Own

John Hearn has noticed men weeping openly. He advises us not to dismiss the stoic men of the past.