5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In A Relationship

How to feel good in a whole other way. Steven Lake looks at what it really takes to nourish yourself when in a relationship. It’s not about her.

Happy LGBT History Month

LGBT History and education can propel progress for the human rights movement.

What Does Your Family Look Like? [Video)

This beautiful little film reminds us that there is no one right way to be a family.

Outgrowing Texas: A Gay Adolescence in the Lone Star State

When people ask me how I survived growing up in Texas, I always admit that it sucked, but that I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. I’m proud of growing up there, and for out-growing it as well.

Why The Pride March is Your March Too

Tom Gualtieri explains that we march for diversity. Not only for our own civil rights but for yours.

To Die For: The Rise in Anti-Gay Violence

When Mark Carson was gunned down last week in Greenwich Village, Jeff Nishball felt like his home was violated. But he knows he cannot let fear stop him from being himself.

Tired of Demonizing and Being Demonized by Enemies? Change the Language.

Registered Runaway suggests we speak to the soul, not the soldier.

Video: Bishop at a Gay Pride Parade Shows What a Good Man Looks Like

What are a bunch of Christians doing at a Pride parade? Supporting the LGBT community, of course.

Really Rupert Everett? Nothing Worse Than Two Gay Dads?

The Telegraph quoted openly gay actor Rupert Everett as saying that he could imagine nothing worse than two gay dads…

The New Normal

Greg White reflects on the choices he’s made as a gay man, including the choice not to become a father.

Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us

The freedom of gender expression is not just a trans issue.

As the Parade Passes By

Pride parades, especially in traditionally conservative parts of the country, are important, visual demonstrations of LGBT activism.