Reckonings: Stories from the Conscience

In Stephanie Lepp’s Podcast series, Reckonings, individuals from all walks of life are invited to share their own personal and profound stories about reckoning.

My Grandfather, The Illegal Immigrant

Why do I have to tell the Republican Party the opportunity immigration reform presents?

Our Scars Tell Our Stories

Justin Ricklefs doesn’t do to well with blood, but here’s how he handled a situation that was bound to scar.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun, And So Should Men!

Rich Monetti on cutting loose.

‘Why I Write’ Series: A Call for Submissions

We want to hear the story of the “why” behind your words.

What I Really Passed When I Passed by Grandpa’s House

Between his stories, I could think of only one thing. One day, I’ll be the one talking to the driver of a hearse.

Sacrifice – Tyr Loses a Hand to Save the World

DiaryDad dives into Norse Mythology to talk about the value of sacrifice.

His Hands are Rough

The sandpaper roughness in his hands has spread to his voice box, and it’s sometimes hard for others to know what he’s saying. It’s sometimes hard for even him to know what he’s saying.

My First Doctor’s Visit in Fifteen Years

Why don’t men go to the doctor?

Finding Fatherhood in the Myths of Old

DiaryDad loves myths and stories and how they help us develop strength of character. — I have always loved a good story.  As a boy I loved to hear them, as I grew older I became fascinated by the many ways we tell them; now as a father, I love telling them.  Mythological stories are particular favorites […]

31 Reasons to Join The Good Men Project Premium Member Community

Why what we are doing here is so important.

Why I Write: To Be On The Dock

Pamala J. Vincent shares the driving force behind her desire to write.

Why Tell Anyone if You Were Abused as a Child? Six Reasons

Just in the telling of the abuse, you are honoring the child who still remembers the pain. The confusion. The dread. The fear. And you are connecting with that child within you. Soothing him or her.

I Tried to Live Like a Male Stripper for a Week

It was less Magic Mike and more The Full Monty.

The Guy On My Couch

My brother after the military.

My Son Is A Loser (And So Am I)

Douglas Gertner’s son tends to misplace quite a few things, but…sometimes, so does he.