El Niño For President

It seems to be human nature to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems. Pray for rain. Do a rain dance. Hope for the best. California has been in a severe drought for more than four years. We can no longer hope it will work itself out. We must rise up and take steps in our lives to be the change that we wish to see. Or, we can hedge our bets with this mantra: El Niño for President!

Season of Renewal

After the storm, Jenifer DeBellis inhabits a quiet yet intense moment of satisfaction.

A Beautiful Grey Morning Washes my Troubles away!

It’s the little things, like waking up to an amazing misty morning, that can and do make your day

How the X-Men Series Made Me Love Strong Superheroines

Seth Thomas is used to boys being asked about their favorite superheroes. But what about their favorite superheroines?

My Hurricane

It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy. Ariel Chesler looks back on the storm and the birth of his daughter.

You Won’t Remember How You Got Through: To Dads Spending Their Day in NICU

Mark Brislin walked into the storm that surrounds the birth of a preemie. And walked out changed. His message to NICU dads: You are not alone.

UPDATE: New Photos! NYC Today 4 PM – Huge Crane Collapsing, Dangling Above 57th Street. (Photo)

Photo of collapsing crane (Breaking News 4PM EST, NYC)

Science: Researchers Guide Lightning With Lasers [@akilshohen]

Taking a page from the Ororo Monroe playbook, we take one step closer to controlling the weather.

Cosplay: Ororo and T’Challa Come To Life Before Your Eyes [@marvel]

Presented virtually without comment, as none seems needed.

Health: Storm of the X-Men Wants Ladies To Check Themselves for Breast Cancer

Mutants, irradiated lawyers and super heroes alike all feel strongly about women’s health, which is no joking matter.

Shipwrecks, Mirrors, and My Dad’s Hero Complex

Gaby Dunn reflects on when her dad’s self-impressed identity complex nearly killed him—and her.

Cosplay: The Next Generation of Geekdom

The passing of the torch as one generation of geek spawns the next.

MA Shoreline: Tracking the Sea and the Surge

Saturday, 7:30 pm. The storm center is still 500 miles away.

There’s a Hurricane of Manliness A’Comin’

Hurricane Irene has Aaron Gouveia imagining a post-storm zombie apocalypse where he kills his own food and protects his family.

Hurricane Irene: A Real Crisis

‘The essence of leadership is the ability to do the ordinary under extraordinary circumstances.’

Techonology: Don’t Tase Me From Over There, Bro!

The Maul is a semi-automatic shotgun that SHOOTS tasers.