What I Really Passed When I Passed by Grandpa’s House

Between his stories, I could think of only one thing. One day, I’ll be the one talking to the driver of a hearse.

Letting Go of the Stories That Define Us

Your story is not who you are. Addiction, Love, Pain: They’re merely parts of who you are, not the whole picture.

The Amputee, The Woman Next to Him, and The Umbrella

Often times, truly powerful actions do not come from celebrities or politicians or superstar athletes. They come from ordinary people. People just like you and I.

Unrequited Correspondence

I get it, you’re busy. But who isn’t? When you don’t respond to direct, personal correspondence, it says a lot about you as a person and professional.

The Angry Lego Man in My Junk Drawer

What’s inside your junk drawer? My junk drawer is full of empty promises and broken dreams.

“I Have Never Called Myself Survivor. Survivor Implies I Fought”

Saidu Tejan-Thomas on sexual assault as a young boy.

Do You Remember Your First Love?

Thomas Fiffer tells a heartening tale of young love, tragic loss, and unexpected redemption—performed at The Good Men Project LIVE Storytelling in New York City.

How I Made My Dad Cry

Seeing tears on his father’s face was incentive enough to get John Trybulec to pass Accounnting 101.


Thomas Fiffer reflects on the transformative power of storytelling.

Consent Beyond Sex: Why Physical Touch Is Not A Right

As a society, we must stress the importance of consent beyond sex. People across gender identities should be expected to ask permission in any instance involving physical touch.

How Difficult Is It to Speak Up? Listen To This.

Amazing story by Sam Cook, “Flatland” will leave you breathless with insight.

Can a Kind of Heartbreak Heal You—and the World?

Raoul Wieland explores what happens when our hearts are broken open instead of apart.