Can Being a Good Storyteller Lead to Love?

Spoiler alert, in this study men who spin a good tale were more likely to attract long-term love.

Eight Reasons I Wrote a Male Fairy Godmother

Kristen Caven is the author of The Souls of Her Feet, in which the story’s fairy godmother is male. There are several reasons he was created so, and Kristen counts them out for us.

Who is the Hero In Your Story?

Great leaders and businesses have a story to tell. The best understand who the hero should be.

Your Story Can Change Someone’s Life

You never know whose life you could impact.

Katonah takes Solace in Faith

The fact that this dog’s loyalty just won’t quit strikes Rich Monetti’s heart.

A Sports Story that’s Starting Trouble

Jeff Pearlman comes home to discusses his latest book and the life of Walter Payton.

A Good Day to Die: Remembering Jim Harrison

A master at storytelling has passed, but his books will continue to give insight into his life.

Movies Make Me a Better Man: ‘My Dinner with Andre’

Peter Linton reflects on a film that has impacted him like no other.

Write For Us: Your Story Matters

Your story matters. Whether you think your life has been a total drag or you think no one will care. You have something to share with the world. We’d like it in writing, please.  — There are certain people who seem to live a life that’s worth writing a memoir or a making a movie […]

7 Reasons Why I Write

Although our reasons may not be the same, understanding our motives is a powerful thing.

The Art of Telling a Really Good Story

DiaryDad loves telling a good story. — A good story can’t wait to be told. Sometimes it has to be found, worked on, and whittled into a shape that can be digested by an audience. Some stories we have been telling for thousands of years and at the hands of a master craftsman it is […]

People Watching on Memorial Day

Why do we get so much joy out of people watching and making up stories?

Dads, Why You Should Share Your Family Stories With Your Kids This Holiday

Your kids will feel a higher sense of belonging when you share family stories and even fairy tales.

To the Mulberry Tree

Ross Gay reading his poem, “To the Mulberry Tree.” A heartfelt account of what could have been.