This 26-Year-Old Guy Is on a Mission to Teach Guys How to Hook Up… Without Disrespecting Women

“The guys actually want to take girls out, but when girls are asked, they think all guys just want to hook up.” So he created a graphic novel to help guys out.

Best of Gender & Sexuality 2014

It’s not just GLBTQ. The Good Men Project has a incredible range of articles on gender and sexuality. Here are a few from 2014.

Sorry Slate, Straight Men Aren’t Right to be Homophobic

Mitch Helix answers an article from Slate, explaining why its conclusions are wrong.

Ladies. Why Every Man Wants To Sleep With You.

The author explains to women why men constantly check them out. And why it’s OK.

When You’re an Ally Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sam Killerman wrestles with the question of what to do when the people who you ally with throw sticks, and the people who hate them throw stones. Except those sticks and stones are words.

Radiating I’m Not Gay Vibes

Jeremy Gross realized that he had better things to do than prove that he was not gay.

5 Ways Disavowing Masculinity Changed My Life

Robert Reece has found that ignoring the Man Code has improved his life enormously.

When Did You Realize You Were Straight?

JJ Vincent dug up a questionnaire designed to get people thinking – and talking – about this topic in a new way.

Just What Side is His Bread Buttered On?

JJ Vincent hears the constant barrage of jokes about jobs and gays and straights and stereotypes. Time to bust some myths.

A Straight Man’s Reasons for Loving Gay Bars

Brooklyn Photographer Chris Arnade shares five reasons why he prefers gay bars even though he’s straight.

For The Love Of God, Please Stop Saying “Bromance”

Kate Conway explains how the “bromance” label implies that the deepest emotional connection a straight guy can form with someone else is to date them.

Rap Music as a Safe Space for Hetero-Masculine Love

That most masculine of subcultures, the world of hip hop, ironically provides an acceptable outlet for men to express platonic affection for one another: through rap lyrics.

The Evolution of Dudes and Bros: Are Straight Men Softening?

Have men evolved? Or are they still brutish, beer-drinking, football-loving, hunters and gatherers at heart who see relationships as means to that age-old end (sex)?